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Ministry Resident and Toolroom Knight, Richard Dinsdale is a name that you’re sure to hear over the next few years, starting off in humble surroundings in Surrey, Dinsdale is now part of Toolroom Knights and is about to release a new EP Somatic Industrial for label of the moment – LS City Records.

We got a chance to speak to Dinsdale about his influences, Toolroom, his new EP and what he has planned for in 2010.

Richard Dinsdale highlights the Motown his mother played has a massive influence on his music, he said: “I grew up listening to lots of different styles of music, mainly Motown because that’s what my mum would play all day when cleaning the house. Apart from listening to the charts during the 80’s, I’d listen to a lot of 70’s disco and funk.  So I guess I try to incorporate the disco samples and various synth sounds from the 60/70’s into my tracks.”

Variety is obviously important in his music and he believes that this can equal longevity and prevent boredom, he said: “The whole reason I love making music is to experiment on every track I do and try and make it different from the last, but obviously keeping the club feel there. I also work on Adverts and TV productions – so that is a good way of getting away from making straight up club tracks all the time.”

Dinsdale reckons that we will hear an new level of production from him as he is new spending more time making club music, he said: “I’ll put my hands up and say I wished I’d worked on a few of my old tracks a bit more, but this year I have definitely turned a new leaf and pressured myself into putting more time into my club tracks. You can definitely tell the difference with the production that will be coming out in the next couple of months.”

Dinsdale is just about to release his Somatic Industrial EP on Leeds label, LS City Records and he is excited about being part of something new from the beginning, he said: “It’s been great as they are new label and it’s great to be part of something like that, just like Toolroom when they first started out. It’s also a good thing as it combines the fact that I’m a semi resident at Filth, Leeds and I’ve tried to incorporate the Filth sound in both of these tracks.”

He added: “The first track “Do You Think About Me” is a track I would play in the first part of my set at Filth and the second “Put Your Hands Up” would be near the end as it’s more on the Techno side.”

Dinsdale will be returning to his Filth residency and he can’t wait, he said: “You can expect to hear new Techno, Tech-house and lots of new bits I’ve made in the studio.”

He remembers fondly the first time he played Filth, he said: “The first time I played for Filth I was blown away at how good the crowd is in Leeds and the team behind Filth, Danny Savage, Alex Jukes too many to name – they are fantastic to work with. I look forward to the event months beforehand. It’s just a good quality night with a crowd that loves music.”

Promo mix from Richard Dinsdale


Buy his new EP Somatic Industrial at Beatport

Andrew Rafter

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