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Kavinsky hasn’t been heard from since he released his excellent SebastiAn-produced debut album, ‘OutRun’, back in 2013.

To our knowledge he hasn’t released an original production, or remix for that matter since 2013, which is a little odd considering he was behind one of 2010’s biggest tracks ‘Nightcall’ where he teamed up with Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo.

Looking back, his debut album still stands the test of time, especially ‘Odd Look’ featuring The Weeknd, which for our money is far better than Daft Punk’s work with the Canadian singer.

Anyway, Vincent Belorgey, the man behind the mask, is pretty active on Instagram where he shares a steady stream of 80s nostalgia — and that’s exactly where he’s teased his potential return.

Captioning a press shot the French electro producer simply said: “I’ll Be Back” #2018

Obviously, this being Kavinsky it could just be a ruse and he’ll continue to live off that sweet, sweet ‘Nightcall’ royalty cheque.

But hopefully it’s the former and 2018 brings us the long-awaited return of the Dead Cruiser.

🚨I’ll be back✨ #happynewyear #2018

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