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Thanks to shows like Stranger Things and films like Blade Runner 2049, nostalgia-driven synth-wave is understandably riding a pretty big wave at the moment and looking to capitalise on its rise is Copenhagen duo TAN.

Their latest, ‘Panorama’, plays to all the usual synth-wave tropes you’d expect, so — you’ve got gloomy wide-angled soundscapes atop of long release drums and beaming hooks. Despite the obvious signposting, it’s a very well made track that proudly pays homage to the duo’s fascination with 80s sci-fi cinema, rather than being a cheap knockoff with no substance.

“We wanted to bring the sound and insanity of an all-night party to the new lo-fi cyberpunk video. The song is the tale of a sweaty and delirious rooftop party in Brooklyn that never seemed to end.

“During this high altitude rave, we managed to record the track—a 4:32-minute long gloomy techno celebration of New York’s skyscrapers, city lights, and chaos.

“We ended up ditching this fiesta and brought our own party to the streets. Armed with an 80s VHS, we captured it all on film which you can see in the new video.”

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.