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Turkish duo HICCUP make pummelling improvised techno


HICCUP is a experimental techno duo from Turkey who perform their music in manner that’s very reminiscent of The Chemical Brothers.

A bold claim, but when you look at the video for their track ‘T’ — the whole thing is clearly riffing off the Chems’ live show; two people on stage, one handling the drums and the other melody. It also really helps that the track they are performing in the video below is actually a really good cut of electrofied experimental techno.

Like with most live electronic music there’s a certain robotic rigidness to the track as it slowly builds over 7 minutes of distant rave hooks, pummeling drums and long, sweeping breakdowns.

The track itself is taken from their new album, ‘MAELSTROM’, which is billed as a bit of a “journey” across 61 minutes and 8 tracks of what the duo call “nocturnal sound”.

We’ve had a listen to the album and we were suitably impressed by its nocturnal-ness.

Check out ‘T’ and the rest of the album below.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.