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Tiga is back with his first original production since 2016 ‘Blondes Have More Fun’.

The first in a series of new tracks from the Canadian don, ‘Eye Luv U’ was made alongside by one-half of Paranoid London.

Featuring a classic Tiga vocal, the track combines a deadpan vocal alongside micro-percussion and healthy dollop of club thump for a track that’s just primed for smokey basements and dark, cavernous warehouses.

“The title came to me while I was playing a pyramid that had been converted into a multi-purpose event space,” explains the Canadian DJ/Producer. “The hieroglyphics over what is now the coat check made me imagine a world in which pictures could mean words and words could mean anything. The thing about wordplay is that it’s fascinating to conceive of different realities informed by different systems of meaning, and how each reality would invariably bend to vault me to the pinnacle of all possible worlds. It’s humbling, really.”

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.