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Ten Ven is ready to ‘Turn It Up’

Ten Ven - Turn It Up

Ever since we clapped ears on Ten Ven’s productions we’ve been a fan, admittedly that was only a few months ago – but the sentiment still remains — and it’s not just us, it would seem everyone is tipping the mysterious (yes, he’s mysterious) producer for big things in 2017.

If you’ve not checked out his previous releases, you really should – we’d highly recommend you lose yourself in his Belo EP, as it was criminally overlooked by many, ourselves included, last year.

Anyway, since he released ‘Belo’, he’s unleashed an excellent single via Weapons, and now we’ve got his next single, where he jumps ship to his own label, When I Met You, for the funkified ‘Turn It Up’.

A sparkly cut of meaty house it has all the hallmarks of a Ten Ven production, in that it doesn’t suck. More importantly, it’s Ten Ven’s take on French touch, and is a break from the monotony of dull tech house and post-EDM ‘Spotifodder’ that seems to be cropping up everywhere at the moment.

We salute you, sir.

Ten Ven’s ‘Turn It Up’ is out now via Beatport and all streaming services.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.