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The latest Daft Punk tour hoax is as fake as that RAM remix album we were promised [Updated]

[Update] Ok, we’re confused. Daft Punk have uploaded a new picture to their Instagram* – but it doesn’t appear to be anything to do with merchandise – it’s grander, a statement almost.

Could it actually be….?

No, no – it can’t be. Can it?

*Might actually not be theirs.

Photographed by Mark Zibert

A photo posted by Daft Punk (@official_daftpunk) on

Everyone wants Daft Punk to tour apart from Daft Punk. The latest rumour, hoax, fake news – whatever you want to call it – comes from a video uploaded to Youtube on January 1st.

The video, which lasts less than a minute, features a CGI version of their stage setup, and that’s about it. Below the video is a load of coordinates, which have been decoded into locations and they line-up with the cities Daft Punk toured for Alive 2007.

Sadly, the whole thing reeks of a fanmade hoax making it as real as that RAM remix album we were all promised.

If the duo does decide to tour it won’t be announced by a video that probably cost £20 to make.

Andrew Rafter

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