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If you’ve been pining for Goldfrapp to return to the electroclash sound of their second album ‘Black Cherry’ – well you’re in for a treat.

The duo has just unveiled ‘Anyone’ – the first track from their new album ‘Silver Eye’ – and on first inspection it certainly harkens back to duo’s earlier, more abrasive sound.

Speaking about the album’s direction, Will Gregory said: “I think writing an album is like being lost in a wood. You’re trying to figure out an interesting path. You don’t know whether it’s going to be a dead end or somewhere interesting and you never know when to stop because around the corner some beautiful vista might open up.”

The duo has worked with a host of people for the album according to the press release including John Congleton (St, Vincent), Bobby Krlic (The Haxan Cloak) and Leo Abrahams (Brian Eno).

Goldfrapp will be performing a very special show at London’s Roundhouse on March 27 where they will showcase new music from ‘Silver Eye’. For early access to tickets head to Goldfrapp.com.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.