Premiere: Atella make moody Norweigan disco that needs to be heard

Published On October 13, 2016 | Premieres

It’s been a while since we’ve featured anything from our good friends over Eskimo Recordings – well this ends today as we’ve got the exclusive first play of the instrumental of Atella’s ‘Closer To Life’.

Who are Atella you may ask? Well they’re from Norway, which musucally is all you really need to know. And they share a keen interest in piggyback races according to the press release.

“Some producers meet in the DJ booths or dancefloors of seminal club nights, or at the counters of record stores fighting over the last copy of an in demand 12” or are even introduced to each other by other iconic artists – Atella’s Magnus and Johannes met during a piggyback race.”

Joining forces with Frøder, who has been described by some as one of Norway’s most promising acts, there’s no way – on paper at least – ‘Closer To Life’ can be bad.

And you know what, it’s not, in fact it’s quite marvellous. And you should stream it below and then tell all your friends, and get them to tell their friends.

Atella’s ‘Closer To Life’ is out October 14 via Eskimo Recordings.