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Sandboards are two dudes from New Zealand who met the Bicep boys last year when they warmed up for the Northern Irish pair on their NZ tour. Whatever happened out there the Bicep vibe rubbed off on the Kiwi duo, the force was strong and this new EP which includes a remix from Shinra could just well be their making.

A wicked analog riff hooks you in on ‘Pink Slippz’ with its proper drum machine percussion and big heavy Moog bassline. Altogether a real analog bubble bath blowing and building effortlessly with uplifting, angelic pads that all help to create a melodic cut that sits as comfortably on your iPod as it does on the dance floor. Definitely a 12 from me!

‘Vis’ leads with an Arp-like riff sequence that builds with a pounding beat and melodic bass. Layering percussion, super cool pads, and robotic voice take this into complete retro territory yet with a thoroughly modern production feel which just about sums up the EP itself!

This release is available on vinyl to which will make Sandboard sound even warmer to one’s ears. Go seek and find!

Words by Joel Xavier.

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