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There’s a new Daft Punk tour rumour – and this time it’s pretty convincing

Rumours of a Daft Punk tour happening next year might actually be true. Now hear us out: this week an eagle-eyed Redditor found a website called Alive2017.com.

But it gets better, in the source code of the website there’s a boat load of clues to what might be the outline of a Daft Punk tour, including coordinates to eight cities, including Idio (Coachella), London, Tokyo etc.

Then there’s some more coordinates, but there not for Earth but instead the Andromeda galaxy. And the source code finishes with “Shep Logged Out”, and Shep was of course a character in Daft Punk’s animated film, Intersteller 555.

Then there’s the website’s logo, a simple typeface spelling out Alive. Look closely though and there’s some numbers, which has been suggested by some is a countdown timer that ends at the end of the month, October 27 to be precise.

Now none of this is particularly conclusive, and it does reek of a really clever hoax – but just imagine if it is indeed true.

We’ll obviously keep you updated once the timer ends on October 27, where we’ll either know whether it’s true or whether we’ve been trolled.



Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.