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We are one of the official curators of new music discovery app, LOST

Good news friends, we’ve been chosen – alongside 20 other excellent UK-based publications – to be one the official curators of new music discovery and playlisting app, LOST Music.

The app has been out a while, and today has been updated with feeds from publications including Dummy, FACT, Datatransmission, Thump, I-D, you get the drift, basically the cream of the crop.

The app combines quite a few functions including music discovery via the 21 handpicked curators, there’s some clever playlisting technology in there too where you can combine music from Youtube, iTunes, Soundcloud, Apple Music and Spotify into one easy-to-use music hub.

On paper it’s a great place to listen to music from all of those services, and more, as well as keeping up-to-date with latest goings-on from a host of incredibly talented curators.

Crispin Futrille, founder of LOST, said: “Working together with our curators to bring their discerning voices to a new audience in LOST, is truly exciting. We want to put the music they’re talking about right at the heart of our users’ music collections.”

It’s basically the only music app you’ll ever need.

Here’s some more detail on what the app can do for you.

  • In LOST, users can be the first to listen to all the music and videos which these curators are talking about, all streamed as playlists and updated daily. LOST matches every track to artists’ catalogues in Spotify and Apple Music.
  • For live music fans, LOST has partnered with Songkick, the leading independent artist-ticketing and live music discovery platform, to make it easy to see tour dates and buy tickets directly from the LOST app.
  • For users with playlists across SoundCloud, YouTube, Apple and Spotify, they can import them into their LOST collection. With all the music in one place, fans can create playlists from anywhere, without anything getting in the way.

Download LOST for iPhone free from the App Store today.


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Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.