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Boys Noize has been hard at work on something (an album perhaps?), and this week the German producer gave us the first indication of what direction he might be taking with it.

A simple answer to that would be: banger-central. But that would be way too simplistic for ‘Overthrow’. There’s a snatch of rap sample in there, which isn’t annoying (who knew?), and the rest of the track is plays out seemingly never-ending crescendo, and when he’s finally got you on the edge of your seat – it goes properly mental but in good way.

It’s certainly peaked our interest, and is being given away for free by the Berliner alongside a challenging video from Lil Internet, which plays out as clever anthropological bait and switch.

It’s basically the whole package.

FREE DOWNLOAD OF “OVERTHROW” HERE: http://smarturl.it/OverthrowFreeDL

BNR Store: http://oioioi.berlin

Stream Overthrow – http://smarturl.it/OverthrowStream
Spotify – http://smarturl.it/OverthrowSpotify
Soundcloud – http://smarturl.it/OverthrowSoundcloud

Download Overthrow
iTunes – http://smarturl.it/OverthrowDownload
Beatport – http://smarturl.it/OverthrowBeatport
Amazon – http://smarturl.it/OverthrowAmazon

Andrew Rafter

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