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Phantasy Records recently started a new mix series – and while its only in its infancy it’s already delivered two expertly crafted mixes from Kamera and Ghost Culture.

The latest comes from German producer Shan, aka Victor Shan, who has penchant for creating his own zany edits, and has previously released tracks on Permanent Vacation and Running Back.

“I wanted to make a mix that reflects what I would play out in a club. There are some new and old tracks, some unreleased ones and a few edits,” explains the producer.

“Usually I select a couple of tracks and then try to get them in an order that makes sense to me. I start slow, have the tension rise and then take some steam out and try to find a good end. To make some tracks work the way I want them here I had to edit them for this mix, nothing really fancy, just a bit of cut and paste and looping parts I like.

“Some of the edits I think I will revisited some time soon and rework them a little bit more. When you loop a good part and listen to it over and over you sometimes notice some other things in there, like a new track hidden underneath. The Dish & Tell edit is the only one I had made before. I think I heard that track in an older mix that Keith from Optimo did a couple of years ago and had to instantly ask for some track ids and make edits, really great track.”


Carl Craig – Sleep
Sneaker – Algerian Raï
También – Sexualität (Shan Edit)
The Earons – Land Of Hunger (Shan Edit)
Shan – unreleased tool
Tiger & Woods – Boca
The 202 Machine – Get Up (Shan Edit)
Greg Beato – B’s Diss (Shan Edit)
T.S.O.S. Over And Over
Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia – Ensnared
Ton Of Tones – Oh Ah Oh Ah Oh
Head High – Power Seat
Demdike Stare – Patchwork
House Of Venus – Dish & Tell (Shan Edit)
Basic Channel – Phlyps Trak II-II
Madonna – Into The Groove (Shan Dub Edit)
Basic Channel – Phlyps Trak II-II
CTI – Dancing Ghosts

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