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It’s been rumoured for a while that Soulwax have been working on a new album, and today that rumour kinda became true.

They have been working on new material but it’s actually for a film, Belgica, which you can now watch a trailer for above.

“Belgica tells the story of Jo and Frank, two brothers. … He once had artistic ambitions, but his love for music eventually made him start a bar called Belgica.”

Whether the soundtrack is new Soulwax material, or them selecting tracks for the soundtrack is unclear – but the trailer definitely has the words “Soulwax” in it.

We’ve checked the film’s IMDB and they don’t feature in the film as actors, and they’re not listed under the music section of film’s cast and crew, which is a bit odd too.

Could this be the new Soulwax album we’ve hearing about? Quite possibly.

Belgica is out March 2, 2016.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.