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Sebastiaan Vandevoorde is still making music under his Moonlight Matters alias despite focussing a lot of his time on his new house project, Arches, alongside Sound of Stereo’s Jochen Sablon.

Proof of this can be heard in Seba’s new remix of Baio’s ‘I Was Born In A Marathon’. Baio is, of course, Christopher Baio, who is best known for being the bassist for the New York City-based indie rock band Vampire Weekend.

If you’ve not heard his latest solo effort, ‘The Names’, you should totally check it out, as it’s really good, and we’re kinda annoyed it’s taken this long for us to realise.

Anyway, Moonlight Matters – who usually goes defcon 5 with his disco remixes – turns a relatively restrained remix that’s full of brooding tension alongside some stunning moments of melancholia, and while it’s not the show-y disco we expect from MM, it’s certainly worth your time and effort.

‘The Names’ is out now.

Moonlight Matters

Andrew Rafter

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