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Morgan Geist returns with four cuts of textured house some seven years since his last release.

It sees the producer shunning high-end production equipment for cheap drums machines and rejected old synths.

“Megaprojects are by definition large-scale, high-tech and cost billions of dollars,” explains the producer. “Whereas this is a collection of low-tech tracks made with cheap little drum machines and rejected old synths, so I thought it was a good name. I composed and mixed to the best of my ability and with hope they’ll feel more ‘mega’ than they actually are.”

The EP’s first track, ‘Darkstar’, sets the tone as discombobulating basslines blend seamlessly with shimmering melodies that are full of character. Interestingly, the second track pretty much segues straight into ‘Trackstar’, it’s almost like the second half of the track with tighter percussion, flecks of melody and warm, bulbous basslines drawing in and out.

‘The Idiot Track’ is more immediate, as psychedelic synths lines rub shoulders with twisted chip-tune melodies, which offers a decent counter to the more sultry tones on offer in the first two tracks.  The final track, ‘Clarence’, is probably the most challenging, as disjointed percussion lines, brain-melting melodies and grainy basslines are steadily brought to the boil for the EP’s finale.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.