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Breakbot has announced via Instragram that his as-yet unnamed second album is almost ready.

A mark of pretty much all Ed Banger artists is the slow speed in which they make music – Justice have only made two albums in just over 12 years, SebastiAn hasn’t released an original track since his 2012 album ‘Total’, and the rest of the roster doesn’t exactly knock tracks out on a regular basis.

So, it comes as a bit of a surprise that funk phenomenon Breakbot is the next Ed Banger artist to release a new album.

The Frenchman recently posted a message to his Instagram stating his as-yet unnamed second album is being mastered and is almost ready.

Hopefully we might see it this year, but more likely next year. Now, all we need is a new Justice and SebastiAn albums and it’ll be like the good ol’ days.

This is it ! We’re mastering the album today ! 😎 🔊🎶

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Andrew Rafter

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