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Parisian producer Tepr adds a new club-focussed dimension to one of France’s most exciting labels, Partyfine Records.

A long-time friend of Yuksek, Tepr’s EP is a mini album of sorts and is arguably the most club-focussed release from the label so far. On the whole it forgoes the label’s MO of suave disco house for something a little harder and punchier. It’s not quite wall-to-wall bangers though, push past the indie-ish intro of the opening track ‘Hypnotease’ and you’ll soon uncover some serious club pedigree nestling behind the vocals and lush soundscapes.

‘Be My Date’ treads a similar path; woozy vocals, over jagged synth lines, set against face-melting basslines. Whilst ‘Over You’ mixes things up a bit, forgoing the 4/4 beat for something a little more leftfield, as synths stutter over-and-over before making way for a more settled groove – but don’t be fooled it does hit hard.

‘You And Me’ is another electro-house track, but through the prism of bass music, and while it might not have the hooks and accessibility of the other tracks, there’s something about its builds and acid lines that make it a rollercoaster ride from start to finish.

‘Void’ keeps the release’s club-focus for a stripped back club monster, again, it isn’t particularly revolutionary, but does make for some well-executed club fodder. And to finish off the release you have ‘Never Be The Same’, which arguably the EP’s finest moment, as doughy synth lines float over abrasive synths and gurgling vocal loops.

iTunes: smarturl.it/tepr-hypnotease 
Stream: hyperurl.co/tepr-hypnotease

While we got your attention, Partyfine will be releasing the second edition of their annual compilation, and you can stream the first track to be unveiled from the release below. We haven’t got an exact tracklisting yet, but we do know that there’s going to be a new Alexanders track, which I think we can all agree is very exciting.

Stream Jean Tonique’s ‘What You Wanna Do’ as an aperitif for the full release which is expected June 22.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.