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Grum’s musical journey started with a widely well-recieved debut album ‘Heartbeats’ in 2010, a techni-colour journey of pop hooks and electro energy, since then the producer has evolved and changed his musical direction away from multi-coloured disco-pop towards a darker, more mature sound with recent tracks like ‘Tears’, ‘The Theme’ and ‘Sunday Blue Sky’.

We managed to persuade the Scottish producer to go on a crate-digging exercise to try and pinpoint the origins of his new direction, and that’s what Grum has done, he’s selected 10 tracks that have influenced his new direction from classics like Sander Kleinenberg’s ‘My Lexicon’ to more obscure tracks like Cass & Slide’s ‘Perception’.

Sander Kleinenberg – My Lexicon
This perfectly treads the very fine house/trance crossover line. Total Ibiza classic which a lot of people will fondly remember from the “Sasha In Ibiza” Global Underground.

Cass & Slide – Perception
A slightly less well-known progressive classic. I love how the lead synth sounds like some sort of 3d rubber band hologram swirling around your head.

Pryda – Melo
Probably my favourite Pryda tune of all time. Has an overt 80’s feel to it, but at the same time sounds both thoroughly modern and timeless.

Albion – Air
Albion is actually an alias of Ferry Corsten, which is a little surprising when you listen to it. A beautiful deep/melodic tune which has just the right amount of restraint.

Underworld – Jumbo
Probably my favourite tune for listening to on a train. Melancholy but euphoric and optimistic at the same time.

Orbital – The Girl With The Sun In Her Head
This list wouldn’t be complete without a bit of Orbital. I’ve got a live version of this from Glastonbury and it sounds astonishing. I’ve always been a big fan of the psychedelic edge to their music.

BT – Divinity
Obviously BT is mainly known now for trance classics such as “Flaming June” but he created a piano monster with “Divinity”. Keep meaning to try this one at the end of my sets, just waiting for the right time!

Bart Claessen – Elf
One of the lushest modern trance tunes with a goosebumps inducing breakdown. I played this at 127bpm before Above & Beyond, and it went down a treat!

Quivver – She Does
Absolute classic for the likes of Oakenfold etc. The complex layering, melodies and structure have inspired my recent music loads.

Deep Dish – Global Underground Toronto
I have to choose the whole mix compilation here as all the music compliments each other to create one beautiful journey, almost like a piece of music in itself. I have listened through this so many times and just never tire of it.


Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.