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The ever outspoken Seth Troxler has come to the conclusion that London doesn’t have a thriving EDM scene because of Acid House.

“Recently I’ve been quite outspoken about my misgivings on the rise of EDM and the culture that surrounds it – but I’ve also noticed that the UK and specifically London, possibly my favourite city in the world, doesn’t have much of an EDM scene at all. This got me thinking as to why this might be and the simple answer is… acid house.”

Whether that’s true, we don’t really know, personally I don’t live in London so really couldn’t say, but it could just as easily be that EDM is pretty shit and Londoners don’t have time for shit.

So with that in mind, the DJ and producer is going to be inviting some of the most exciting innovators of electronic music from across the world to play alongside him over three split floors of the vast 5,000 capacity venue for an evening of acid business at London’s Tobacco Dock.

Who these innovators are, well we can’t say, and that’s because we don’t know – but it’s sure to be someone interesting, and probably not Steve Aoki.

Pre-sale tickets available from 27th April with general sale commencing on 30th April – http://sethtroxlersacidfuture.com/

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.