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Auriént is a producer we’ve been championing during 2015 – and to be honest we don’t even really know who he is, apart from that fact he’s called Daniel and he’s from LA.

But, considering the quality of his work we wouldn’t bet against it being an alias of someone who is already reasonably established – but that’s just a wild guess.

Adding even more fuel to the fire, though, is his new remix of Get A Room’s ‘Agony & Pain’ which for us is one the best electro tracks we’ve heard in ages. And we’d imagine Partyfine don’t hand out remix stems, official or otherwise, to any tom, dick or harry. (update: it turns out that Aurient’s remix is part of Partyfine’s remix competition for ‘Agony & Pain’.)

As expected, Auriént doesn’t fluff his chance to impress electro demigod Yuksek with his interpretation of Get A Room’s ‘Agony & Pain’. He doesn’t try to out electro the original either as that would be futile, instead he reworks it into a futuristic slice of disco tempered with the original’s killer bassline and generally gives the track a new complexion with a whole new set of brooding melodies.

More of this please.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.