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Review: Jägerverb ‘Pomme’

Writing about Jägerverb’s ‘Pomme’, I could tell you that it’s a ‘solid banger’; that’s it’s perfect for summer festival season; that it’s a builder (clocking in at over 7 minutes); that it has a catchy, distorted, hypnotic top-line… but you can get all that from a quick listen.

And if you do give it a listen, if you’re anything like me, you’ll want to dig out a copy of Underworld’s ‘Rez’, and have a good listen to that too. Because they’re essentially the same track. Which isn’t a bad thing, because ‘Rez’ is a solid banger, a builder that’s perfect for festival season with a catchy, distorted, hypnotic top-line. Plus, all of those phrases applied to ‘Rez’ before they became tedious clichés from constant overuse!

Jokery aside, Jägerverb has copied created a great track here, and you really should check it out. It’s just a shame that, in my mind at least, it’s pretty much inseparable from ‘Rez’, which is a testament really to how great Underworld’s original was/is, even 22 years later.

‘Pomme’ is out this month on Lektroluv.