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Writing about Jägerverb’s ‘Pomme’, I could tell you that it’s a ‘solid banger’; that’s it’s perfect for summer festival season; that it’s a builder (clocking in at over 7 minutes); that it has a catchy, distorted, hypnotic top-line… but you can get all that from a quick listen.

And if you do give it a listen, if you’re anything like me, you’ll want to dig out a copy of Underworld’s ‘Rez’, and have a good listen to that too. Because they’re essentially the same track. Which isn’t a bad thing, because ‘Rez’ is a solid banger, a builder that’s perfect for festival season with a catchy, distorted, hypnotic top-line. Plus, all of those phrases applied to ‘Rez’ before they became tedious clichés from constant overuse!

Jokery aside, Jägerverb has copied created a great track here, and you really should check it out. It’s just a shame that, in my mind at least, it’s pretty much inseparable from ‘Rez’, which is a testament really to how great Underworld’s original was/is, even 22 years later.

‘Pomme’ is out this month on Lektroluv.

James Brown

is a musician/producer from the north-east of England, now residing in a charmingly frenetic area of north London. He is generally engrossed in music production under his Plainview moniker, and has a soft spot for old-school sci-fi novels with badly drawn covers. You can find him out and about in Dalston and Stoke Newington most weekends, or Djing at his residency for club night French Cafe. Feel free to contact James at james_philip_brown@yahoo.co.uk