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As part of Philips & Noisey’s ‘You Need To Hear This’ – a new platform that celebrates the music nerd in all of us – Noisey have been following Bill Ryder-Jones around his home town of Liverpool and West Kirby, as the former Coral guitarist hunts for interesting field recordings for a new track he is creating with the help of a pair of Philips foldable headphones.

The former member of the Coral makes the journey from the centre of Liverpool, under the Mersey, to his home studio in West Kirby and records a host of interesting sounds along the way. During his travels Ryder comes across a street busker playing in the centre of Liverpool, who agrees to play some notes for him, but only after the wily buskers negotiates a fiver for his wares. Elsewhere Ryder-Jones comes across a lonely piano in Liverpool pub where he replicates the same key that the busker was playing in, and then plays some of his own chords for the basis of a new track he will make once he gets back to his home studio in West Kirby.

Watch the video below and then head to YouNeedToHearThis.com to hear the finished track.


Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.