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Having released their first single 6 months ago, the Alexanders – which consists of Partfine’s Pierre-Alexandre Busson and Alex Metric – return with their second single, ‘Pwoin Pwoin Pwoin‘.

Last week we managed to grab a quick chat with the two Alex’s to talk about the single’s name, what each of them have planned for the rest of the year and whether we might see an Alex Metric single on Yuksek’s Partfine one day.

Hello Alexanders, you’re just about to release your new single ‘Pwoin Pwoin Pwoin’, tell us a bit about the name, where was it made, what’s it all about?

It was made in Reims in Pierre’s studio. It’s a nice trip for me to head out to France for a couple of days and make music, drink some wine, eat some good food! We did the same with ‘Don’t Miss’. The name was one of those joke names that stuck. We just called it that until we got a proper name but it fits.

You’ve also done a remix recently for Porter Robinson – so it seems like this partnership might become a regular thing, is there a plan or are you just winging it?

It’s definitely a regular thing. Though there is no grand plan. I think it’s a nice diversion from our solo stuff, it’s fun to have another project to dip in and out of , dj’ing together is especially good fun too. I really enjoy the interaction of playing with someone. As long as we are having fun and making music that we vibe off we’ll keep doing it I think!

So too early to talk about an album then?

Who knows. Definitely not soon, but I don’t want to rule anything out. Let’s just see where it takes us.

You’ve been DJ’ing together can we expect any more dates soon?

Absolutely yep! Our next one is XOYO. We are also talking about taking it stateside, too.

What’s Pierre’s most annoying habit? (To Alex Metric)

I honestly don’t think he has annoyed me. Hoping his answer is the same :/

What’s Alex’s? (To Pierre)

Alex goes to the US too much – that’s the only thing really.

Pierre, Partfine has had amazing first year – what have you got planned for the rest of the year? 

Loads of stuff… We have the debut EP from Getaroom, a new single by Clarens and we will keep on pushing Poom and hopefully get their album out this year.

We’ll also following Villa and Crayon closely to get new music from them and we are talking with some artists that haven’t released anything with us yet and bring them on board too…

And how’s the Yuksek album coming along – have you decided on a style or sound yet?

Nothing really to say about that at the moment, I’m working on many different things at the moment, so I think I’m gonna take my time to be honest.

You’re both great producers in your own right – so what does each of you bring to the table that you might not have?

Alex: I like working with Pierre because we just keep pushing an idea forward in the studio. We’ll take it in turns manning the controls and just keep going at it till something works. On ‘Pwoin pwoin Pwoin’ I made some beats, Pierre played some chords, I chopped them up and made a new riff then Pierre made the bassline. It was an really easy track to do.

Pierre: I think we work the same way but at the same time we are complementary so it’s really easy and intuitive.

Alex, you’ve remixed the new Lindstrom / Say Lou Lou’s new track – when will be able to hear it? Anything else in the pipeline? 

Very soon I think, i thought it was going to be out by now! Really pleased with how it turned out. Stoked to have finally work on a Lindstrom production.

As for upcoming stuff: I have ‘Heart Weighs A Ton’ out soon and I am working on the next ammunition EP right now. Demo’d a bunch of stuff in LA, just gotta finish it! Sounding different but great I think. Raw, simple, analog goodness!

What was the last album you bought? (To Pierre)

I finally just bought the Chet Faker album on vinyl.

What was the album you bought? (To Alex)


Pierre, Isn’t it about time Alex did a single for Partyfine? 

I think Alex found a good home on Owsla but I would be really happy to see him on Partyfine one day.

Get it on iTunes smarturl.it/iTunesPwoin
Stream it on http://smarturl.it/streamPwoin

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.