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During his 20-year career Sander Kleinenberg has navigated the seismic shifts in electronic music like a Christopher Columbus navigated the Atlantic: flawlessly.

Having laid the ground work for progressive house with ‘My Lexicon‘ in 1999 to his more modern electro club anthems like 2007’s ‘This Is Miami‘, Kleinenberg has an uncanny knack of moving from genre-to-genre without it ever sounding contrived or forced.

Kleinenberg has seemingly now set his sights on disco with his new track ‘WE-R-Superstars‘.

Apparently when the track was played for the first time it was immediately linked to a certain pair of French robots, there were even rumours it was collaboration between them and Madonna, which is a bit of a stretch considering there aren’t any female vocals on the track.

This is Sander Kleinenberg like you’ve never heard him before; loud, brash and full of fun, and while it might seem like a cynical move – you have to remember this is Sander Kleinenberg; he doesn’t do “run-of-the-mill”. ‘We-R-Superstar‘ sounds like that type of track you could only make having spent 20 years of your life honing your skill on one genre of music. When in fact it’s just Sander doing what Sander does best: making great electronic music.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.