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‘DÉJÀ VU’ is the first single from the Mumbai Science’s debut album of the same name.

Since releasing ‘Lotus‘ the Belgian duo have released a slew of impeccably produced tracks ranging from the dark techno of ‘Impact‘ to the pulsating electro of ‘Researchers‘.

For our money they’re probably the most underrated electro producers out there – but that’s not going to last much longer if ‘DÉJÀ VU’ is anything to go by.

I’ve long suspected that electro-clash is making a bit of a stealth comeback and the Science’s new single is the smoking gun we’ve been waiting for. Everything from the quirky androgynous vocals to the acid-laden synths screams the good old days of electro-clash.

This is quite possibly the best electro track of 2014 by some way.

Taken from the forthcoming album “DÉJÀ VU”, out June 16, 2014
Pre order here: bit.ly/dejavums


Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.