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A name like Shit Robot does not necessarily conjure beautiful images, one finds themselves thinking of space-age mechanical creatures covered in, yes, shit. Name aside and Shit Robot’s latest album ‘We Got A Love‘ comes nowhere near shit, unless referring to the more youthful, slang proverb of the term – in which this case the album is, “the shit!”

This is Marcus Lambkin’s follow up to his first album and the Irish producer has spared no artistic merit to bring together emerging and existing talent for the release. In 2010 ‘From the Cradle to the Rave‘, released on James Murphy’s brainchild DFA Records, stood apart for multiple big name collaborations and partnerships, including guest vocals from Murphy himself and Alexis Taylor of Hot Chip.

A long four years later and Lambkin has once again brought together an impressive resume of collaborators for ‘We Got A Love’. Making a return appearance are the nonchalant and unintentionally funky vocals of Nancy Whang on ‘Do That Dance’. Whang has made a spectacular year in her own right for being the most sought after vocalist amongst the indie dance community, most notably for her contribution to the Classixx hit ‘All You’re Waiting For’.

Though there is no shortage of underrated fame on this album, from Lidell Townself to Museum of Love, the most exciting collaboration comes forth in the comedic stylings of Reggie Watts. Watts lends his voice to both ‘The Secret’ and the title track ‘We Got A Love’. It is as if his sliding falsetto was made for the angular and bouncing synths of Shit Robot’s style. With beats that do not take themselves too seriously, Reggie’s vocals remain the perfect compliment to spark a sarcastic flare that makes these tunes euphorically groovy.

This is a music that will assuredly make you dance whilst donning a carefree smile to match. If you listen closely to the distorted lyrics interspersed between cosmic synth jabs of ‘The Secret’, you’ll catch the wordplay in the verse, “Disco all the way to eleven? I don’t know.” It adds a hilarious level to the track that no other disco track could boast – taking that ten to an eleven.

Beginning and ending with two of the album’s longest sprawling tracks are the perfect way to tie the entire work together. ‘Tempest’ is the shit storm of effects that detail oriented fans appreciate against a squelching back beat and lends fittingly to the track’s title. A lone intro beat, like a light drizzle, breaks the opening before numerous layers add to the track’s dynamic storm before tapering the resolution back down to close out the entire album.

While his first album was a stunning introduction to a career spotted with hit singles and collaborations, ‘We Got A Love‘ is a testament to Shit Robot’s staying power and dedication to his craft. Risks in the form of vocal experimentation proved successful and worked seamlessly alongside Shit Robot’s beats. Rather than haphazardly thrown on top of the musical structure of each track, the vocals of each contributing artist worked an angle – whether soulful, funky or comedic – to make this album a great representation of the melding of past and future influence.

HBF Rating 4/5

‘We Got A love’ is out March 17 via DFA/Pias in the UK, and March 18 in the US.

Upcoming Tour Dates:
3/8: Cork, Irleland @ The Pavillion,
3/14: Istanbul, Turkey @ Indigo
3/15: Athens, Greece @ Plixi
3/22: Dublin, Ireland @ Button Factory
4/5: Belgium @ Recyclart, Brussels
4/18: Sydney, Australia @ Leased (day)
4/18: Adelaide, Australia @ Sugar (night)
4/19: Melbourne, Australia @ New Guernica
4/20: Hawkesbury, Australia @ Fibonacci Festival
5/3: Cornwall, UK @ The Masked Ball
5/9: Glasgow, Scotland @ The Berkeley Suite
5/10: Manchester, UK @ Gorilla
5/25: Belgrade, Serbia @ Mad in Belgrade (The Shit Robot Show live)

Shea Kopp

is an audiophile and electronic music activist who calls both Los Angeles and San Diego home. She is the contributor to multiple music blogs. Find her on the dance floor when she is not writing about or listening to music. Feel free to contact Shea at shea.kopp@gmail.com