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The release of Grum’s second long-play has been a been a bit of protracted one, originally his new album, ‘Human Touch’, was going to be released at the end of last year. But at the last minute, I mean right at the last minute, the album was pulled and given a new release date of early 2014. The reason given was that ‘The Theme‘, one of the album’s show-stoppers, was doing so well the album should be delayed – which doesn’t really make sense, as that’s probably the last thing you’d expect.

Anyway, the album is now expected to arrive early April, and there’s a new single to come before the release, ‘Tears‘ which had its premiere on Annie Mac’s show this weekend. ‘Tears‘ sees Grum is full-on progressive mode as the Leeds-based producer cuts a sparkly piece of big-room house that’ll satisfy both big-room enthusiasts and those of us who are looking for a something a little more nuanced.

Basically Grum is sounding a lot like Eric Prydz at the moment – a Prydz 2.0 if you will – but without the pathological fear of flying and lot cheaper to book. In fact, Grum’s stock is so red hot he’s also remixed Chromeo’s ‘Come Alive‘ in similar shiny, big-room vein. And once again the producer manages to find a balance between the underground and his new big-room sound, which by our calculation would mean he’s created a new genre called bunker house.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.