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Update: it was all a misunderstanding, ICM Partners have just made this statement: ICM Partners approached the National Park Service regarding an event which would be held on private property but would include proposed lighting elements at Devils Tower. The agency submitted more than a dozen suggested performers, including Daft Punk, as a sample lineup to the National Park Service. As is the usual case with a music festival, the acts proposed were simply performers and not involved with the planning of this event.

It has been revealed that representatives of Daft Punk were interested in holding a new live show on private land near to Wyoming’s Devils Tower National monument this year.

Those of you who know your Daft Trivia will know the monument was actually used in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, which the robots nabbed a bit of the soundtrack for their Alive tour intro, which you can see here.

Apparently the show was blocked by the The National Park Service after they consulted several Native Indian groups who all agreed that the show would be an inappropriate use of the land.

The duo planned to integrated Devils Tower into the performance with the use lasers and lights and 50,000 attendees.

“No event is going to be occurring in Devils Tower,” Reed Robinson, superintendent for Devils Tower National Monument, told Wyoming’s Casper Star-Tribune. “Anything that was proposed is a non-starter, is considered an adverse action according to the National Historic Preservation Act, and goes against the Park Service management approach.”

Robinson revealed that discussion with Daft Punk’s representatives had been going on until the end of last year but once they realised it was going to be a nonstarter, due to the site’s native Indian significance, talks ended without agreement.

So there you go: there are plans afoot for a new Daft Punk show – so we ask: where else should Daft Punk try and perform? Let us know your suggestions below.

Andrew Rafter

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