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Disco, House, Pop, Electronica and everything in between; there seems little that German Producer Kris Menace can’t master. A multi-instrumentalist, song writer and long standing DJ, Christophe Hoeffel aka Kris Menace has dropped his latest solo LP effort, ‘The Entirety of Matter‘ on his label imprint, Compuphonic.

A synth-soaked slice of slow burning euphoria, ‘The Entirety of Matter‘ is an utterly blissful journey, so succinct that it could be mistaken for a soundtrack to a Kubrick space epic.

Stand out tracks include ‘For lack of a better thing’ which is, for lack of a better word, beautiful and demonstrates the scape of Menace’s spotless production. A step away from Menace’s more pop-based bangers and Disco influenced projects, ‘For lack of a better thing’ sees Menace shift towards a more cinematic, self-defined sub genre of Electronica. ‘The Day I’ve Lost’ is equally escapist, the perfect wind down for those fragile mornings at 7am when you’ve only just getting home.

That said, those looking for up tempo crowd pleasers should not despair, with ‘All in Our Heads’ taking first place for dance floor appropriateness, whilst ‘White Lies’ fulfills the spot for a slightly languid yet solidly bass laden burner. ‘Natchmondreitier’ is the album’s unexpected belter, a combination of tinkling synths, reverb-heavy keys and intermittent drum patterns, spliced together to create the perfect backing for a blacked-out Berlin basement.

The album’s title track sits somewhere neatly between ambient soother and melodic late-night thumper, illustrating what ‘The Entire of Matter,’ as an album is really about. A chameleon of sorts, this album might not be right for the whole of Saturday night, but instead represents snippets of everyone’s downtime go-to’s; from indie dance to new wave, from synth pop to nu disco. What’s more Menace has collaborated with Boston based graphic designer Mr Div, who has created a set of animations to accompany several of the albums tracks. A swelling medley of animated gifs reminiscent of an 80’s video game a la ‘Tron,’ the graphics add another element to what is already a delight for the auditory senses.

Rumour has it that this may be the last piece ever of purely Menace production (or at least for the foreseeable future) and if this is true than this compilation is perfectly astute. Timeless yet classic, ‘The Entirety of Matter’ represents panoramic electro at its very best. A culmination of years of multi genre production and finely tuned expertise, this album will slot nicely on your ‘always and forever’ record shelf. A classic.

HBF rating 5/5


CD & Download on http://krismenace.com
or iTunes http://smarturl.it/eom

Charlotte Lucy Cijffers

is a freelance writer and founder of music blog Chase The Compass. An Australian export turned loyal Londonist, Charlotte enjoys all things Techno, House and Disco and knows the whole dance to ‘Thriller.’ When she’s not listening to or writing about music, she can be found researching her next travel destination, awkwardly leaning in photographs or nursing her peanut butter addiction.