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Every producer has a folder on his or her computer called Demos, a veritable treasure chest of tracks and ideas that never quite make it to a finished state and are seemingly lost forever. Well, French touch demigod, Alan Braxe is going to be giving away a slew of his demos under the banner of ‘Bonus Beat Collection‘.

The producer explains: “Sometimes it can be difficult to finish that idea your working on and so after many attempts (and lots of coffee) it ends up in the old “to do box”, locked away in the bytes of the hard drive or sequencer disk, bound never to see the light of day…

“After many years, the reviled “demo box” is getting a bit fat and so I would to share some of these “unfinished thoughts” with you via our friends as Discobelle and so It’s a pleasure to present… ‘THE BONUS BEAT COLLECTION”

“Most of the tracks you’ll hear in this collection have been done in 2 or 3 days tops and are not 100% finished. I figured, better to share them with you rather then leave them fragmenting on my antique hard drive!”.

The first track to be given away dates back some 10 years according to the producer: “This “morceau” has been sitting around on a SP 1200 floppy disk since at least 2001… who knows how much longer it could have been there! I fired up “old faithful” SP and with all the groaning and grunting of those classic mechanisms the beast sprung to life and spat this out. A little studio “polish” a few new band members on the drums and I give you the first in our series for your own personal enjoyment!

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Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.