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Du Tonc have been something of a secret amongst those in the world of indie dance. Their rise to the top of the scene has been a combination of craftily produced tracks and word of mouth fame that precedes duo’s name. Following the dark disco found of ‘Rise‘ their latest is yet another ironic twist on the normally upbeat disco genre with their latest track ‘Island‘.

Leaving out the heavy cow bell usage in this track, ‘Island‘ has a more apparent pop lean with a focus on lyrics that are slightly more coherent than vanSchie’s usual breathy vocals. Opening with a heartbeat cadence and a steady rising drone, this easygoing disco tune is quickly saturated with contrasting lyrics of anguished heartache and slow progressing guitar chords.

DJ Dates
04/10 – Zanzabar, Louisville (USA)
05/10 – Music In The Middle Festival, Nashville (USA)
07/10 – Sfuzzi Uptown, Dallas (USA)
10/10 – El Imperial Club, Mexico City (Mexico)
11/10 – Lure, Hollywood (USA)
12/10 – Moustache, Tijuana (Mexico)
29/11 – XOYO, London (UK) w/ The Magician

Shea Kopp

is an audiophile and electronic music activist who calls both Los Angeles and San Diego home. She is the contributor to multiple music blogs. Find her on the dance floor when she is not writing about or listening to music. Feel free to contact Shea at shea.kopp@gmail.com