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Daniel Avery’s debut album ‘Drone Logic‘ comes at a time when acid music has seemingly been caught in an infinite loop for the last 20 years, Avery’s album sees acid break free of its robotic overlords as the producer creates an album that marries acid and emotion for a debut that’s both to the point yet full of depth.

Never deviating too far from Avery’s core sound the album finds a sweet spot between rolling analog techno and acid, and once there it doesn’t let you go as ‘Drone Logic‘ hits you with 12 expertly crafted nuggets of twisted acid. It’s not an easy listen at times but it does draw you in as the album morphs from looping analog laser fights to shuffling robotic numbers. It’s far from an exhilarating ride at times but that’s where tracks like ‘Simulrec’ and ‘Naive Response’ offer a bit of rest bite from the more clubbier cuts like ‘Water Jump’.

‘Drone Logic’ works well as a single cohesive body of work from start to finish, it’s certainly not 12 individual acid-tinged moments, but more of a traditional electronic album that has to be savoured from start to finish. Whilst it does drift in and out of consciousness at times there’s a real sense of gathering pace towards the second half as Avery weaves ever more daring tapestries and emotions.

There are of course moments of raw unbridled energy with the scratchy chords of ‘These Nights Never End‘ which really get under your skin. The album’s finishes on a high-note with the progressive tones ‘New Energy’ (Live Through It) which is a luminescent galactic journey that actually lifts the entire album away from overly regimented acid to something that offers a bit more of a human touch. ‘Knowing We’ll Be Here‘ finishes the album off on a positive note as ear piercing synths sit alongside doughy acid loops for an impressive grand finale.

HBF rating 4/5

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