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It’s a rarity you listen to a track that sounds so wonderfully different it’s hard to put into words, even rarer when you hear two. Well such a day has come with two new remixes from Ewan Pearson for The Emperor Machine’s new single ‘Hey’, who we’re reliably informed is producer extraordinaire Andy Meecham from Staffordshire.

So that’s two producer extraordinarires by our counting.

Both of Pearson’s remixes fall into that cliched grey area of: leftfield. But don’t let that put you off, as there’s probably more musical ideas bubbling around in these two remixes than you’ll likely hear in a year.

For both remixes the percussion is frenzied and the synths are laser-like; then there’s a sax solo that reveals tiny glints of ‘The Man With Red Face’. Throughout, though, there’s a hypnotic chugging groove that keep things moving along at a fair old lick as Pearson basically shows-off his production proweess with a sonic medley of italo, disco, 8-bit electro, and quirky pop. It’s pretty breathtaking stuff.

Who ever uttered the words: “less is more” was completely wrong. It is indeed: less.

Out now via Southern Fried.

Buy now on Beatport: bit.ly/EMHeyBeatport
Buy vinyl: bit.ly/EMHeyVinyl
Buy on iTunes: bit.ly/EMHeyiTunes


Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.