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Busy P has been, well, busy of late, as well as overseeing the Ed Banger 10th anniversary celebrations he has also just released ‘Still Busy’, his third EP. Featuring two new original tracks and four remixes the EP sees our man Pedro celebrating all things dark and atmospheric.

Anybody who has already heard Ed Rec. Volume 10 will already be familiar with the title track. A song that references 80s industrial acts such as DAF, but has NYC based Thunderbird Gerard spitting rhymes over it, making it highly infectious.

Brodinksi’s protégé Maelstrom brings it into darker territory on his remix, referencing both Front 242 and the International Dj Gigolos label. While Parris Mitchell takes the song into much more ghetto sounding Chicago house, replacing the darkness with a verve that belies his cult status.

B-side, ‘This Song’, can be seen as the darker side to the Ed Rec and features Paris-based Australian, Andrew Woodhead singing over another nostalgia laden electro track. Remixes for ‘This Song’ come from Justice’s Xavier de Rosnay and the mysterious Dexter. The Justice man produces an almost unlistenable tribute to Suicide while Dexter, one of the original Ed Banger artists, speeds the track up taking it into Detroit style electro.

While the world goes disco again Busy P purposely has set himself up as an alternative. Artists such as Juan Atkins, DJ Hell, and Alan Vega all loom large over the songs. Busy P has taken his darker influences and twisted them ever so slightly into something new and entertaining, something that can be seen even in the cheeky artwork.

HBF Rating 4/5

‘Still Busy’ is now available for purchase on iTunes.


is a blogger and DJ from Dublin, Ireland. Originally a co-founder & DJ at NoDisko he often edits music for dancers, performers and burlesque artists. He also previously edited performance music for Sedition Industries, (Dublins premier avant-garde performance & Dance Troupe). More recently he can be found surrounded by beautiful models when guest DJing at Dr. Sketchys Dublin Anti-Art School and special events.