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Yuksek’s newly formed label Partyfine celebrates its first release this week, with the resulting collaborative EP now available to buy from all good record stores.

Yuksek’s new EP isn’t going to appease those of you who want the Frenchman to return to his boombastic days of ‘Away From The Sea’ and the face-pummeling electro of the Krays. But what it does do, as it does it very well, is showcase Yuksek’s skills as a producer. We said it last year, after ‘Living Life On The Edge Of Time’, that artists would soon be banging on his door to get some of that special Yuksek magic.

Basically Partyfine is Pierre’s way of doing that, no longer is he ghosting for people behind the scenes – but instead his skills are now being properly recognised. The EP in general is quite subtle. You’ve got two contrasting tracks and range of remixes. The first, a track with Oh land, is vivacious French pop at its best and is a real highlight. It is accompanied with remixes from Michael Garcon, Kasper Bjorke, Sam Tiba, and Yuksek himself.

The b-side is demonstrably darker than the Oh Land track; it’s a low-key affair with his proteges Juveniles, and is a great preamble to the band’s forthcoming album which Yuksek has produced.


Purchase Yuksek presents Partyfine EP1 tiny.cc/txj0ww

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.