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On their 10th anniversary last year the Kitsuné opened a new US Boutique and to celebrate they released the Kitsuné America compilation. By doing this they successfully proved that Europe does not hold the exclusive on quality electronic dance music. Now almost a year later they are releasing Part 2 to promote all the interesting artists they have encountered over that period.

As with all label compilations this is a mixed bag (of the unknown and the familiar) but part of the fun in listening to a new Kitsune compilation is trying to guess who is going to be the next break-out stars a la Phoenix. On first listen it would seem both Haerts and Papa seem the most capable. Haerts at times sound like a modern indie fuelled Fleetwood Mac channelled through the 90s, while Papa sound like Arcade Fire as played by The Black Keys. Both interesting, both with their sights seemingly set on the big time.

But the soul of every Kitsuné compilation usually lies in the quirky gems that live long in the conscious well away from the mainstream and Kitsune America 2 has plenty of those. Whether it’s the quirky Alison Valentine channeling Grimes or Detroit’s Kent Odessa out doing Matthew Dear in the dispassionate dance stakes, both acts take something familiar and twist it enough to sound fresh. Elsewhere both Ghost Loft and Chrome Sparks bring something fresh to the Chill Wave genre but are overshadowed by the mighty Toro Y Moi and the sublime ‘Say That’ taken from his 2013 album ‘Anything In Return’.

No Kitsuné compilation would be complete without a few tracks whose sights are set firmly on the dance floor. Boiler Room alumni Jim-E Stack, Latin sounding Malandro and rapper Theophilus London all achieve this using their own individual style. While Kitsune veterans Gigamesh and Heartsrevolution also reappear with solid tracks that don’t represent either of their best work. Unsurprisingly with any compilation there is always going to be some forgettable tracks provided on this occasion by Tidus and Jhameeli x Dwntwn x Giraffage.

Overall there is a feel and a groove throughout Kitsune America 2 that proves that America although home of EDM can still produce both joyous and intimate electronic dance music. This alone means Kitsune America 2 is definitely worthy of your attention and is a fine addition to the series.

Written by Antonation.

You can exclusively listen to Haerts’ ‘Wings’ below and grab a minimix from Jerry Bouthier too.

HBF 4/5

From May 2nd to May 18th, Kitsuné will be touring the US with Fred FalkeFoalsChrome Sparks check out the tour dates below.



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