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Reims-based electronic producer Yuksek has just unveiled his brand-new label, Partyfine. Having just finished off a world tour of his last long-play ‘Living Life On The Edge Of Time’ it’s good to see him back at the helm of some new original material.

The concept behind the label is a simple one: Independency. So everything released through the label will see Yuksek participate in every production level of an artist, so he’ll presumably be taking care of recording, mixing, mastering and distributing, all from his studio in Reims, France.

Yuksek explains: “The label is a natural extension of my past years where I have produced for other artists. I met many of Partyfine’s collaborators this way (JD Samson, The Magician, Oh Land, Juveniles etc) and just felt like extending the experience, writing music with them, not just for them”.

One of Partyfine’s aims is to present Yuksek’s diverse musical tastes so there’s a everything from disco to electro, indie to club.

And the first EP shows off this diversity with a double collaboration with Danish songstress Oh Land, and a new song with the Juviniles, who recently had their forthcoming debut album produced by the man himself.

Check out a couple of snippets below and lookout for a full release on May 13.

Yuksek presents Partyfine EP#1 – Tracklisting

1- Yuksek feat. Oh Land – Last of our kinds
2 – Yuksek feat. Juveniles – Truth
3 – Yuksek feat. Oh Land – Last of our kinds – Michael Garcon remix
4 – Yuksek feat. Oh Land – Last of our kinds – Yuksek club remix
5 – Yuksek feat. Oh Land – Last of our kinds – Sam Tiba remix
6 – Yuksek feat. Oh Land – Last of our kinds – Kasper Bjorke remix
Released May 13th


Andrew Rafter

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