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This week the enigmatic Mighty Mouse released the fourth installment of his increasingly inclusive compilation: Disco Circus.

If you’ve been following Disco Circus since its inception, you’ll notice that with each release Mighty Mouse establishes himself as a taste-maker of current disco music trends, whilst maintain his well-deserved credibility by also selecting tracks from the 70’s and 80’s that could easily be released next month.

The latest installment includes numerous tracks that have recently broke into disco’s growing “mainstream”. RAC’s remix of Classixx’s ‘Stranger Love’ was played out at every disco show from San Diego to San Francisco when it first came out last fall. DFA’s up-and-comer Marcus Marr sees his Soundcloud hit, ‘The Music’, feature on the compilation as well, and we’re pleased to see Lindstrom’s lesser-known ‘I Feel Space’ make the cut too.

It’ll come as no surprise that Mighty Mouse’s collaboration with Matt Van Schie, ‘Darkness’, is amongst the first tracks to be heard on the compilation. Monarchy’s unexpectedly electro single, ‘Disintegration’ received quite a bit of remix work in February, and Mighty Mouse’s version serves as the compilation’s final foot note.

In an age where tracks get lost in the depths of Beatport and Soundcloud, it’s compilations like Disco Circus 4 that bring the most deserving music to the surface.

HBF Rating 5/5


Disco Circus 4 on iTunes

Written By Sam Schoonover.

Sam Schoonover

is the Founder of WallflowerFood.com, a playlist based music blog where artists write about their own music. After a number of extended love affairs with various types of music, he finally found the magic somewhere between disco, indie dance, and live electronica. He's passionate about music technology and putting together events. He enjoys being that guy who walks around on the boardwalk with mobile speakers.