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Steve Aoki is a superstar DJ, so it’s only natural that he’s treated like one. Well, a unnamed tipster sent us a copy of a DJ rider that the Die Hard wobble master requires when he plays – and it makes for quite a read.

Steve as you may know has a bit of sweet tooth, but if you eat too much cake then you get the trots – so to make sure he doesn’t get the squirts and ruin his Dim Mak draws he requires 6 pairs of adult underwear.

He’s such a superstar he obviously has a Dim Mak crew and will expect you to pay for 4 hotel rooms, within 2 miles of the venue, if the venue is in the middle of nowhere – then you’ll probably have to build him a hotel or something.

Obviously Steve hasn’t got to where he is now by splashing his hard earned on frivolous purchases so he expects the promoter to provide every-day items like Listerene mouthwash (what do you think Superstar DJs go to Boots? Please), he also requires 6 pairs of socks and expects almost every conceivable cost to be covered by the promoter.

His backstage rider also makes for an eye-opening read – not only does he expect a spread fit for Joffrey Lannister, but expects the promoter to bake his infamous cakes, provide a director’s chair (yes, a director’s chair) in view of the main stage and at least an 8th of local chronic.

Check out the full 2-part rider below, and let us know your thoughts.


Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.