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Steve Aoki DJ Rider Unveiled

Steve Aoki is a superstar DJ, so it’s only natural that he’s treated like one. Well, a unnamed tipster sent us a copy of a DJ rider that the Die Hard wobble master requires when he plays – and it makes for quite a read.

Steve as you may know has a bit of sweet tooth, but if you eat too much cake then you get the trots – so to make sure he doesn’t get the squirts and ruin his Dim Mak draws he requires 6 pairs of adult underwear.

He’s such a superstar he obviously has a Dim Mak crew and will expect you to pay for 4 hotel rooms, within 2 miles of the venue, if the venue is in the middle of nowhere – then you’ll probably have to build him a hotel or something.

Obviously Steve hasn’t got to where he is now by splashing his hard earned on frivolous purchases so he expects the promoter to provide every-day items like Listerene mouthwash (what do you think Superstar DJs go to Boots? Please), he also requires 6 pairs of socks and expects almost every conceivable cost to be covered by the promoter.

His backstage rider also makes for an eye-opening read – not only does he expect a spread fit for Joffrey Lannister, but expects the promoter to bake his infamous cakes, provide a director’s chair (yes, a director’s chair) in view of the main stage and at least an 8th of local chronic.

Check out the full 2-part rider below, and let us know your thoughts.


  • Aokisadouche

    what a douche.

  • steveshit

    What a piece of shit.

  • Dickface


  • Dix

    What a moron.

  • bit of a knob you like aoki…

  • chotheamazing

    can’t tell if douche or trolling..

  • Guest

    you need 2 things to make it happen – a wannabe superstar DJ and a devote promoter …


    ‎”1 wireless mic: This is essential, 25% of the show are Steve’s Vocals”


  • burak

    Last weekend, I was promoting an event in Istanbul. We booked a booming duo from London and one of its member told me a little about Aoki’s arrogance. It seems he is more than what I heard.
    Aoki was the one I was influeced on, but not anymore..

  • Guest

    What a fucking joke.

  • gusserfudge

    LOL you guys wrote at least a quarter of local chronic but on the rider it says an 1/8th of an OZ. what a pussy. if i had money like aoki it would say a pound if i was gonna be that much of a cocksucker

  • mr. jet

    plus he need blank cds to record to recor his pre-mixed 60 minute songs hahahahaha
    suck my dick aoki

  • Dilsnik69

    “1/8 local grass”

    Ha! I’d make sure to cut some grass my dog shitted on and take it to him. lol

  • Vas Blagodarskiy

    No fucking way that is hillarious

  • Billyboy


  • person

    This guy is the definition of fucking tool 

  • Coondy

    guys just a rich party clown. 

  • Djsturdy

    What a doll… Steve you just went from DJ to barbie doll you fucking tool. No respect. Riders? You’re riding cock.

  • Mr Hater

    For a brief moment, I thought that he might carry on like a complete douche, but then I realised I was just being a hater, as demands like that are his due, and I am just a hater. If it were me, I’d expect some familiar gear, some monitors, and a hotel room, maybe a drink of water even.
    But now I realise I was wrong. Of course I should have a cake with my name on it for playing mostly other people’s music on it for an evening. Of course I should be drunk and high while performing on someone else’s dime, and have stupification beverages paid for by someone else as I can’t get laid without them. Of course.
    Nah. Douche. No apologies. Douche.


    Worthless “musician” and completely out of touch with anything related to quality EDM… If I were a promoter I’d cover his 6 shit diapers and thats it 

  • Blaze


  • is this source legit?  you think he’d be smart enough to realize it would eventually get out… or at least his management would be…

  • That is, like, the most understandable rider I’ve ever seen. The reason a lot of those things are on there is because they don’t have the time to go to fucking Walmart before and after every show. 

    If you all think this is bad: http://www.thesmokinggun.com/backstage

  • Ricksunday

    what a ****ing tool


    A charitable donation vs all the worthless crap Aoki demands. How is that worse?


    It’s totally legit – the source wants to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, but we’re told it’s a Rider for festival he is playing this month. 

  • trapisjustafad

    large tool

  • djravek

    Aoki is a shitty DJ.  To think someone would actually pamper his ass this much is pathetic.  What a fucking waste of a prime slot.

  • Yanzombie

    not really that bad …thats how it is on a huge road tour

  • Charlie

    he sucks anyway!  I wouldn’t pay a dime to see him scream and shout.   GTFO steve aoki.

  • Matias Rodriguez

    Together RobotsTECHNICAL & HOSPITALITY RIDEREventos nacionales.Pancho y Coca.International events.Hot Dog & Coke.

  • What are you talking about? There are over three hundred different riders on that website. Old, new, pathetic, and awesome. Aoki has absolutely nothing on his rider that is ridiculous and the technical section of a rider is usually for reference of an artist’s technical crew. It’s not like he asks every single venue he plays at to purchase him a brand new mixer, decks and software… That doesn’t make any sense at all.

  •  You must have gotten a hold of some of his local grass LOL No a Dj doesn’t need all this plenty of Djs have more talent and don’t ask for half of that. Maybe people should stop booking complicated DJs and start booking real bands not that top 40 crap either. Who the hell needs a dingy to DJ? Give me a break and stop drinking the Kool-aid.

  • totally gay

  • Dude is obviously trading food, drawrs, socks, and Cristal with local down on their luck young men living on the street for sex.

  • It’s a fucking prop for crowd surfing you dullard. He’s an award winning owner of one of the most talented imprints in EDM, Dim Mak. Like I said the majority of that list are groceries and underwear because they have no time to shop on tour. And he’s not even a DJ. He mixes his own productions live.


    OMG!  He’s worse than MADONNA with this krap.
    All this dude is doing is PLAYING RECORDS.  He needs to get over himself.
    He’s such a “superstar” that i’ve never even heard of him.

    what a joke.

  • Cattabrie38

    WOW!!!  Just WOW!!  This guy puts his pants on one leg at a time like everyone else.  Who in their right mind has their underware provided for them?  Creepy!

  • BubbleLove

    i love that the rider expresses that all juices, fruits and restaurants must be strictly organic…. and then he wants a cheese pizza and cake.

  • clubinsider

    This is a joke… seriously this isn’t a real rider. Maybe if he’s in Vegas, but not in a regular city. This wasn’t in the green room or even close when he came to NYC.

  • Lgbgpc

    The technical rider is pretty standard, the hotel is not a biggie, couple bottles no sweat, but the rest of that is bullshit!  I have worked with The Roots, O.K. GO, and other major artist that didn’t even require that much shit.  In fact, we had Aoki about 5 years or so ago and he didn’t require half that.  WTF!? It’s a little excessive for a DJ and I do events weekly…

  • Someone should give him actual grass, like from the yard. That is what the rider asks for. 

  • The socks and undershirts are on most riders now, as are the food needs. On the road with limited time between gigs, laundry becomes an issue. And can’t check bags at the airport…. Carry-on only. Easier to ask for a cheap 6-pack of socks at each city and just toss out the dirty ones after each show. And usually there is a 2-4 person crew. One may prefer pizza while another is vegan or vegetarian. The rider supports a full crew.

  • Thank you for not being outstandingly stupid like everyone else seems to be. Riders have been used since the 50s yet these people seem to think Aoki invented the idea or something. 

  • Richard Helmsley

    Who needs 500 pairs of under wear and 300 v-necks a year… That’s not normal.

  • Richard Helmsley

    “Non-bleached flour” and tht other nutritional stuff, followed by “pizza”… Which is the antithesis of the former. So he just wants the $100 buyout, not the dinner, so he makes the dinner a hard to find sort of place.

  • Borisbrejcha

    fucking faggot. i shall actively start to destroy his reputation !

  • His rider is actually small considering the size of his crew and show. I know he makes it look easy, but moving 4-6 people plus gear around the country takes a heap of logistical acrobatics for everyone involved.

    Do a 30-show run with nothing but a carry-on suitcase, on little-to-no sleep, a diet of fast food, and stinky germ-infested undergarments and the crew wont make it 2 weeks.

    Regardless of what people think of Aoki, was tacky of the media to post his rider (or any artist’s rider) without providing readers with context.

  • An entire crew of people that don’t have time to go shopping or to the laundromat. I don’t know how this is so hard for people to comprehend.

  • AokiDokey

    Yeah it’s a bit pampered, but fairly standard. You obviously haven’t seen many riders.

  • Paul

    Whoever wrote this needs to stop writing about shit you are clueless about. This rider is rather small compared to most.

  • Fist magnet

  • macculk

    fucking dick

  • Simbolokus

    why does this bastard need 6 underpants ? is he shitting all over the dj desk during the gig ?

  • stormchild

    Never heard of him.

  • Haidoken

    LOL :P More demands than Queen Elisabeth… Makes no sense since his music propably sucks balls anyway! loooser

  • ChickWhoHatesAoki

    He forgot earplugs for the crowd who has to hear him “perform” because it’s in between two awesome djs!!!! I’ve seen this douche on stage for 2 hours from which he was actually behind the decks for 10 minutes in total! And let’s not forget the failed crowd surf in his rubber boat!

    Forget about this guy he is a loser!

  • crom

    what an asshole

  • Philipp Giese

    If you been to one of his shows, you understand a lot of these things :) Most of the vodka, champaign and cake are for the audience anyways. That is just part of the show…

  • Ben Crea

    hey i just met you and this is dingy, so heres my odwalla omega B smoothie drink, so call me maybe? 

  • steveaokisucks

    Billie he’s a showman not a Dj ! Get your facts right

  • Robbie Burns

    Steve Aoki is everything that is wrong in this current commercial American scene – someone do a John Lennon on him please…

  • Who does he think he is, a Rockstar? hahahaha!

  • Joker

    Steve, u make me laugh…ridiculous. You have forgotten where you come from like many others djs. underwear and socks? you aren’t michael jackson…be more lowly!

  • Angelo

    r u fuckin kiddin me?????? does he really need fruit, champagne, wine, cakes, orange juice, cranberry juice, pizza, yogurt, coco drinks…..r u serious?? im disgusted….i’d kill him and all the motherfuckers who pay to see him 

  • Yobearpaw

    If you can get away with it then why the fuck not.

    Disappointed with his need for an 8th of Chronic. Come on now Steve that’s barely even trying. 

  • Flame Grilled Shopper

    He is not worth that.

  • Jimmy

     He’s a fucking wanker and his music isn’t even that could. We get it, loud noises…YEAAAHHHH! Now fuck off!

  • 2002fede

    ahahah :D We must say to him: “Cut your hair and go to work motherfucker!!”

  • lulzelectro

    Only thing missing is the “bottle of Vodka filled with water”

  • Robb

    This guy is a real doucher!

  • Jesus fucking christ you guys are thick. He does not tour by himself. I guarantee he probably has at least ten other people with him in different busses — most big acts usually do. This concept is not as fucking difficult as you people are leading on.

    This is standard procedure — ESPECIALLY THE FOOD AND DRINK ITEMS — to stock the green room so the acts can relax before and after the show. Sitting in a potentially cramped tour bus for long periods of time gets boring, stressful and cramped. Why is it so wrong that someone would want to take a load off once in a while? Do you really think that the venues he or any other act would be performing at give even the slightest amount of shit to spend an extra few hundred bucks when they’re going to make tens of thousands that night? 

    The sheer volume of stupidity amongst everyone here is infuriating. It’s clear that there is a positive correlation between lack of any professional experience and acting like a damn toddler. That must be a kick-ass ivory tower that your parents installed in the basement for you. Aoki comes off as a genius philanthropist that donates his organs to terminally ill kids compared to the decorum everyone has exhibited in these comments.

  • Big G

    Book a real band…!! Have you got any idea what real bands ask for? I’ve had to get puppys before… actual puppys!!

  • EnisM4

    Fuck you…you scumbag asshole assian. I never liked your music anyway

  • Guest

    Honestly nothing wrong with that list, if you’ve ever seen him live he uses just about everything he listed. And as far as fruits, alcoholic beverages, and clothing wtf is the big deal. Dude sweats a lot he needs mad boxers, bitches back stage wanna eat good food and I would want a nice mini bar to party after the show as well. Rock star lifestyle, hop off his shit

  • Davidskipper896

    completely over the top demands!!

  • donwunderground

    hahah .. steve if you read this.. everyone in australia thinks you are a retard.

  • ahha steve is a fucktard

    if he is JUST djing.. why does he need 4 people to travel with him??? he comes across as being a pampered dickwad

  • howiebledsoe

    Seems pretty normal to me. Compared to Madonna, Fifty cent, or J Lo, it’s nothing.

  • nazu

    Even if he does “comes off as a genius philanthropist”, trust me, Nik- to show it off like this turns off lots of people. 
    All these allures -he might have- questioning his real professionalism too not just building up a look of that. A real musician keeps it low to stay real. For example: Sade and her band and many many more. Get real!

  • Multimedia

    He requires 6 pairs of pants on the rider cos his anus is a dribbling shit splattering wreck from all the hot man love action it’s been getting from NIK MATT, obsequious aecoki fanboi NUMBER ONE 

  • Alex

    Mate, ‘an extra few hundred bucks’ would barely cover the champagne!

  • House Club Boss

    And no little student-studying-performing-arts-wannabee-famous, you’ve not seen much riders to compare with except what you’ve read on the internet while in your moms basement, where as I managed a top uk house club from 92-05 and have had 100s of the worlds best play, and seen some equally daft riders..but that doesn’t excuse these egotistical cunts from such blatant wankery

  • Haha

    lol, R U SERIOUS? 



  • Djfuji420

    i thought that is what the ridiculous booking fee was for. to buy that underwear himself. i agree with you that the green room needs to be taken care of but come on man, V NECKL SHIRTS?? fuckoutahere

  • Minimalwage
  • SanD

    That’s an awful thing to say, sounds like you’re what’s wrong with current American society. Perhaps you deserve the “John Lennon?”

  • Luke

    Steve is the man! 

  • joe

    i don’t think the adele one is that bad at all plus she has a full band playing with her live!

  • shit it fake, or  a joke, cmon now

  • Benihana’s spoiled bitch son…

  • Carlos

    take into consideration these riders usually apply for massive festivals which makes sense if you are bringing a crew with you. these places can be far away, you can go for hours without drinks and food chasing down promoters at these huge events. though the local grass thing is alil out there to put on a rider, Ive seen worse though! LOL

  • Paul_sirrell

    what a fucking prick !

  • Giant Leoprichuan

    I would ask for 12 undies! 
    I saw steve @ EDC, he was a spectacle stage diving FEET FIRST (DANGEROUS to spectators), spewing gaterade from his mouth onto the crowd, caking people in the face at least a half dozen times. He started a food fight… This is Rockstar 2012! I THINK I enjoyed it from a far…although Front row center looked kinda gross…

  • Daemon Chadeau

    I think he meant “find him a Yoko” lol.  

  • Simon

    Useless Prick!

  • Getkane

    and he wants to be paid….wtf fuck.. most probably through the roof

  • tevehimself

    What an asswipe

  • Underwear and t-shirts is very understandable if you ever been performing on stage.
    It is not nice walking around the afterparty with soggy underwear.
    Use your heads, morons.

  • SI

    shit dj, shit music and he’s an asshole. All round winner!

  • crazy shit, for sure!! would love to see more riders.. =)

  • The Truth

    @ Nik Matt… By the way your praising Steve, you manners well be blowing him yourself. He’s a bird… A fuckin’ cornball! He’s just a talentless world renown DJ. Get’s paid a lot of money, to act like a fuckin’ retard. There are DJ’s out there that are being paid $500 an hour to spin, that would destroy this joke behind the decks. Now go & get a tissue, Nik; because Steve’s cum is dripping down the side of your mouth…

  • LAgypsy

    What a fucking tool, his music is mediocre and he is a d-bag I can’t believe he gets booked with requirements like this. Not that I ever supported his music before but now its an official boycott. 

  • Dj_yorrin

    complete tosser gives us real dj’s a bad name he’ll never get a booking in my club

  • Dancollins

    what an actual bellend…..

  • jme

    HO s going to book him ? 

  • Harrybow79

    wot a dick

  • Steeveakoi

    This is bullshit!

  • Ruff Ryders

  • Joshuadalemorgan92

    Fucking he’ll !! Gimp !!! All I need is my cd wallet and headphones and I’m ready to rock ! Dickhead , beat the long haired twat can’t even bet match

  • Max

    I work with a lot of bands. This is not at all an unreasonable rider. Okay, the cake with “Dim Mak” on it is a bit odd but, given his profile and success, this is a really reasonable rider. Sorry, no smoking gun here.

  • Danny2005_br

    fucking clown……………….. no wonder every event he does is kids only… smh go homo, fucking punk

  • Frankenfurter11

    What’s wrong with asking for listerine? Nowadays it’s a real pain to fly with liquids

  • john cleese

    this is a fake. it has to be.

  • Petduo

    1 1/8 oz local grass?

  • aoki=gimmick

    While I dont wish death upon the guy, this is yet another reason that shows me why I could never respect him as a musician or artist.  Turn the suck down Aoki, its that button right above the volume control on the one and only mixer it appears you can play on…

  • Steveaoki

    what a prick

  • lez

    +1 MISC:
    • a dick in my ass

  • While I’m not a fan of his, I do know that he uses a lot of these things (like the cake and the champagne) in his actual performances. To make it sound like he is just asking for a bunch of stuff for the sake of having it, because he “can”, shows that you just didn’t do your research.

  •  Anything to take your attention away from the fact that he is a shite DJ.

  • Steve didn’t come from where many other DJs came from. He was a star the day he started due to his money and family fame. The idea that he came up through hard work and developing skills is just plain laughable!

  •  You’re the lucky one.

  • No they aren’t. 

  • jl

    This is completely reasonable. Maybe the icing on the Cake is a bit over the top, but I doubt they expect to get that stuff very often. I am not a friend of throwing away clothes but when doing a flight tour, this can be reasonable. Often you do not have the time to do laundry. Also that “the promoter is expected to pay that” stuff is bullshit at least for the US. On US tours the hospitality rider is usually paid from a production budget that is agreed upon beforehand. This is a crew of 7 people. What Aoki does looks roughly like this: 

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRvbWtvNYRY I have no idea what is so outrageous here.

  • Reggie

    you’re kidding, right? How is a DJM900 the only acceptable mixer that this clown will play on? He doesn’t even fucking mix! He could play on a two-channel Gemini and it wouldn’t make his shitty sets any better. 1/8 of local “grass”? I hope someone literally fills a bag with lawn clippings for this cocksucker some day. 

  • guest

    Multiple levels of ridiculous on there, but it was the first line that got me:

    “8 feet (2 meters) of clearance in front of the turntable setup and 5 feet (1 meter) behind the turntable setup”…does he just not know metric, or does he really need more clearance around the turntable in the U.S. than he does in Europe?

  • DLD89

    It seems to me that you’re just upset that you aren’t the one sipping Cristal and playing music for thousands of people…. Aoki has done more than you will ever do in your life, and is reaping the benefits of the work he put in, you’ll never be able to say the same.

  • Fred Granklin

    If you’ve never seen a rider in your life, then I’m sure this is a giant shock (artists get paid for their performances AND ask for socks?). Aside from the cakes and weed, nothing is particularly shocking or out of line on this…aside from the inflatable boat. 

  • Blogan71

    Agreed.. Pretty normal stuff there. I’ve been a runner for 7 years and most of that is super basic stuff

    Foo fighters have a food rider though

  • CorruptedData

    According to Stereogum, the guy makes $20M a year. 

  • I think the only really crappy thing about this rider (and the many others like it) is that the 1 or 2 people who actually know how to read (c’mon, it’s the music promotion biz) have to locate & buy socks and panties like housewives back-to-school shopping for their kids. 

  • Bob Johnson

    Terrible DJ and terrible producer (not that he even produces considering he has a ghost producer).

  • Sacolombo

    He’s no DJ…..I’ve seen him at two festivals and both times I never really saw him do anything but throw cakes at young women, get people to crowd surf in a life boat, and shoot off champagne.  S.A. is a joke and most of the time the crowd is rolling way too hard to even notice he’s never behind the mixer, so it’s all pre-recorded stuff.  Just another DB that got lucky with a rich family. 

  • Sacolombo

    Exactly….I’ve seen him twice at festivals and he’s never behind the mixer, so how does anyone know how good of a live DJ he actually is?  I’ll give him props for having a successful business, but that’s it.  Throw cake, spray champagne and crowd surf in a dingy, changing underwear, smoking the local green….yeah that’s DJing 101. 

  • Love the way half of his rider specifies organic produce and the other half is full of environmentally evil stuff like trays of bottled water, cheese pizza and similar.

  • zhao

    no talent, shit music, great boat, awesome cakes.  

  • guest

    What a dick is he. An inflatable boat? 

  • Freefallin4209

    I hope I meet this lazy cunt so I can kick him in the teeth, he could charge a booking fee and get on e more man for his crew to buy his depends adult diapers for his ass

  • kara

    i dunno, i havent been in the states until as of recently, which isnt much of an excuse but i just dont really care to pry in this type of pop culture- i have no idea what this guy represents besides that he is a DJ. after looking at his list, i dont think his requests are THAT bad. i mean the Cristal is a bit of a cliche but if hes a performer and always on the road, i can see why he wants fresh t-shirts and organic fruits to just keep him y’know, healthy and fresh. i dont know about you but I cant fuction after a flight where i ate shitty in-flight meals and wore the same clothes for 24 hours… let alone host a party afterwards. the props are part of the act, and yea there are starving kids and better things that promoters could spend their money on; but its just a damn confetti machine and specifics on tableclothes.. if they want a party then this brattiness is a requirement, otherwise the industry wouldnt exist. besides, how odd is it that he wants a suite and not have to be more than 2 miles to the venue? assuming he walks to the venue perhaps… which is props from me because we loose people like ryan dunn to drunk driving, so maybe hes on to something. anyway – agree to disagree, i just dont think this is that suprising.

  • Butters


  • Who is Steve Aoki? 

  • Yoko? Lennon? The amount of food and alcohol that’s on that list, he’s more likely to do an Elvis and die on the shitter

  • never heard of him

  • Bifta

    only an 1/8 of grass?

  • John Cotton1

    what a twat

  • John Cotton1

    it states he needs mouth wash and breath freshener & 12 pairs of clean underwear ?
    so he has bad breath & a dirty chaff. Sounds like a charming guy.
    & probably smells due to poor personal hygiene.
    what a tit

  • Alex

    This dude is a fucking disgrace, not only is his music shit – he’s a fucking cunt too

  • Alex

    this guy is clearly a dick aswell as some of the comments on here defending him

  • alejandro206

    I have to laugh at this… 5 feet =/= 1 meter. 

  • ChristopherWalken

    what an ass

  • Adasd

    what a douche 

  • Jennifer Desai


  • mjankowski_XXX

    who’s this aoki guy? never heard of him

  • LevB

    LOL …..what a fucking douchebag

  • Funbox6666

    Don’t see the big deal about this. most big artist have the same thing if not even more elaborate.

    Also note that this is for his whole crew, not just him

  • Gary Dixon20

    What a fucking TWAT!
    I mean, fancy requesting red wine and naming two grape varieties and one region. The youth of today, I ask you…

  • Dr. Kwyatt

    I’m pretty much A-okay with this… This just shows that Aoki is able to generate immense profits, or else nobody would do all this for him. There’s a reason his demands are tolerated, it’s because the people he makes the demands of think it’s worth it.

  • Ngz

    I could make that on Microsoft Word though. Confirm the source…


    Never gonna happen. 

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  • John Cotton1

    utterly talentless, rubbish, pr*ck ! another rich kid with no soul or knowledge OR TALENT buys into the industry to further bas*ardise another form of art that those WITH talent struggle to even get a look in on.
    Hes in the same boat as his equally as vile rich kid buddies paris hilton and kardashian.
    Horrible little rich brat with no talent…. just mommy and daddies money to buy him into whatever he wants.
    Ugly little b’stard too :-)

  • Kenerik

    Well it’s not the most advanced I’ve seen..
    Produced quite more tricky raiders through my life..
    Most surprising for me was the underware part.. he he

  • StrongArm

    The saddest part about people now is that even though you’re right about people buying into music, Aoki didn’t do that…he started as a promoter for his own dorm in college and built a business off of it. So using good arguments in the wrong situations makes you and the rest of the world look retarded. You sure you’re not a kardashian?

  • Devin Nelson

    I do think this is bad.
    I also checked out the site you linked and read Jennifer Lopez’ rider.

    Jennifer Lopez’ rider is less demanding than Steve Aoki’s.

    JENNIFER LOPEZ’ rider is less demanding than Steve Aoki’s.

    And that, my friend, is enough for me.

  • don jacobson

    who is he?

  • Noname

    fucking ass clown

  • Didd_duper

    lol, you are not that good…

  • Jonesbob

    ‘1/8 Oz of Local grass.’

    I hope he f*cking plays with moving traffic.

  • Nurder

    Most artist riders are a bit insane. It’s a bit of fun on the artist’s part to see what they can get away with. This isn’t even that horrible. There have been many riders for big-name artists which demand specific color furniture. At one point, Axl Rose had a cubic melon on his rider. More often than not, riders have items the artist is willing to give up. They’re called, oddly enough, unreasonable requests. It seems strange, but really stuff like this is common.

  • Who ever heard of champagne with screw off tops…. I’m not rich or famous but if someone handed me champagne with a screw off top I’d be very skeptical about whether it was, in fact, champagne….

  • aNoN

    what a fuckin joke, he asks for all kinds of “organic” “local” “healthy” shit, along with bottled water and a cheese pizza. look at this FUCKING hipster. 

  • Tim Reeve

    nothing wrong about that rider, i’ve seen many which are far more off the track

    just remember that when you’re on tour, you have no other life than tour… these riders are written to secure the artist (and the crew!!) a tiny bit of something similar to a normal life… think about it

  • Steve Aoki’s Dad

    Nah I think he meant kill it fire.


  • 6 pairs of draws? Whole wheat flour tortillas…haha. I will say his live show was amazing in LA at SSMF. Check out my review of it http://showscoop.com/498835-Steve+Aoki

  • What a weasel

  • straight up? If I was big, I’d go a little overboard too. Remember, no liquids on a plane. Food items expire. Inflatable raft? Fucking genius! I’m including one in my next show. Sound requirements? Fuck yeah! Don’t want some amatuer act putting you up on a Walmart DJ Controller and old ass Toshiba running Virtual DJ.
    Sorry guys, a couple of stupid things but overall, everything makes sense. Even the weed. Imagine smuggling drugs on a plane to a show and trying to score some bud when you don’t know any locals.

  • Hey, since you managed a club, booking top acts, mind emailing me at xquizit_djx@yahoo.com or at http://www.facebook.com/xavier.iivan

    I just started a successful production company in Mexico and we’re throwing our first massive in the spring.

    I need some advice on the offer sheets. Basically, they didn’t name a price, they sent over an offer sheet.

    I could really use your wisdom

  • I love it! The man is a genuis and knows exactly what he wants! A true professional thinking things thru every step of the way. He wants to deliver a top class performance and top class tools and deliverance is everything he needs to execute this with the help of the promoter!

  • Makes for an amusing read…

  • Sour Diesel

    this has got to be a troll

  • Having a rider in the first place is fucking ridiculous. Especially when you are a talent less clown.

  • Wow NIk, you’re a fucking asshole. All I’ve read so far is you defending this pop star cunt with little to no talent and in the most dickish way possible. The fact many “artists” have demanded ridiculous bullshit doesn’t mean Aoki isn’t also a cunt for doing it.

  • Sleeve Dayoki

    other than his props and items specific to his show that’s a fairly standard rider for this genre. Knowing these riders get sent out to clubs and festivals alike I would simply discuss with the TM what he needs for my show and go from there. That being said, I don’t particularly care for Aoki so hopefully I never see this rider on my desk.

  • lol
  • T

    Completely agree. This is a typical rider. The people on here complaining are ones who have never been in the industry.

    We worked with him last fall… same rider. Do we like having to get all of this stuff? Of course not. But at the same time it is expected.

    Better than one of the other artist on the bill who requested a life size poster of Mila Kunis and also a Mean Girls DVD.. in which we could not find for the life of us.

  • anon

    hahaha they dids that to fk with you….hehehehe :)

  • MoffoMorph

    sry guys , but this rider is nearly nothing to riders from Rammstein or other Bands!
    off course it is not really normal for a DJ but at least you can fill with this douchebag 25k+ Events and earn enogh money to buy him a stupid plastik boat!
    At least the americans ruined the electronic scene making big festivals without it , A normal Club promoter cant pay this EVER ,

  • sound rehab

    clown shoes!!!

  • cragnog

    wow what a diva

  • aokihasthrush

    wonder why he didn’t ask for headphones is that because it is a pre recorded set while he prances about waving his hands total knob

  • Patrik Hällfors

    It has to look good on all the pictures though.

  • me

    he uses the cake and champagne as a prop in his shows… these are not for personal consumption

  • Bookingcanada

    I take care of Bookings for a big club in canada that books big djs every Saturday and this rider is excessive BUT not that surprising. All international Djs ask for crazy stuff just because they like the power of knowing its there when they get to the venue. 50% of the stuff they ask for wont even get used, eaten, or opened. The Rider for Artists is power to them and as a promoter or booking agent. You can talk to the manager before hand and tell them this is ridiculous and try to tone it down, Some do, some dont. Anyways if you want the artist, this is what you gotta deal with. It aint easy making money – gotta work for it! Cheers

  • Gavin

    He needs to tour with 10 people to shoddily throw together cheesy tunes and throw cake on the morons stupid enough to be at the club that night?

  • ShadowBoxerDNB

    But why does the promoter need to supply underwear and socks? Is he his Mum?

  • Adam

    It seems like everyone is upset with his performance and choice in music. Dont go to see him. Now as far as the legitimacy of his rider…he generates a ridiculous amount of revenue for these clubs. They will book him again given the chance. If he’s making you $100,000 and is asking for a few ground worth of easy-to-purchase items you can have a random club worker spend a few days gathering, whats the big deal? He’s not running out of gigs, we all know that. He has demands and they are met. STFU and stop bitching. Get to his level and be as inconviencing as your value allows, or be the humble, easy-to-please monk youre claiming you would be. Get some damn perspective

  • Ego

    BS. All rock band have +/- same manners.

    As long as he flies reg airlines crew clothing makes sense.

    If Dom Perignon works for hotel room instead of Cristal nothing over-douchy

  • Guest

    Can’t wait till the world ends.

  • asdfasdf

    Can’t wait till the world ends if this goes with it.

  • Brian Blueskye

    “Better than one of the other artist on the bill who requested a life size poster of Mila Kunis and also a Mean Girls DVD.. in which we could not find for the life of us.”

    ROFL, that’s hilarious.

  • Morgana99

    Some of this stuff is ridiculous for the reason its not professional… poster board for merch??? You know artists, Steve, pay one of them to make a beautiful, easy to travel with sign. A lot of other stuff I would never ask for, because its just asinine.

  • Christopher Lairdriver

    Why the fuck are you comparing Steve Aoki to Rockstars in your link. You think he is a Rockstar? The whole point of your other link is to compare the absurdity of some of the requests made. What made you his number one defender? It’s no a matter of what they are spending, it is ridiculous what he is asking for. Why the fuck does a ‘DJ’ even need an entourage and several security guards?

    Its okay though. You are comparing him to Rockstars. He plays precorded sets and dances around with his cock out and tosses cake at people. Of course it’s perfectly normal. To you anyways.

  • Christopher Lairdriver

    Really so you don’t find requesting 6 pairs of underwear a day absurd? Are you used to working with people who shit themselves every 4 hours? or suffer from diabetic diareah? or the need for 6 pairs of fresh socks and 3 V neck shirts.

    Lets just stick with the underwear thing. Nick, you sound like a dick. And you are deliberately being difficult over some of the absurd requests. Imagine he has changed his underwear 6 times in a 24 hour period and you think that is normal.

  • Christopher Lairdriver

    He doesn’t mix shit. He plays prerecorded sets. I have seen him live 3 times. He spent half of the time fucking around on the stage. Apparently some invisible entity was doing the mixing for him while he was his own cheerleader.

    See those Rockstars that you gave that link about – they actually perform. They have real talent. Million and millions of fans around the World. It’s fucking blasphemy that you would even compare his requests to that of someone like Paul Mcartney. If Paul wants a Gold toilet, get him one. He performs and sings live.

    Steve Aoki wants underwear, inflatable boats, cake and wanders around with his cock out – and doesn’t actually perform his sets. He just dances around.

  • Christopher Lairdriver

    Lol, It doesn’t say that in the rider and no, most guys bring boxers with them in their suitcases. Who the fuck travels without socks and underwear? And no it is not for his friends because he would have to mention that in his contract.

  • Christopher Lairdriver

    The contract is for him. Not his friends. No human being needs to change their underwear 6 times a day. 30 shows and he would have 180 pairs of Boxers. Apparently that is normal to you. He is not a rockstar and he travels with almost no gear. Most of it is set up for him already. And he plays prerecorded sets most of the time. So he is a fraudulent asshole that likes to collect underwear.

  • Final Conflict

    Why does he need the cdj’s and mixer?

  • Use Logic

    NO, it is NOT natural that he is treated like this and expects people to cater to him. I had the unfortunate run in with this jackass and I know or have met many dj’s that are extremely cool and nice and let’s just say that this guy is as “affected” as it comes. I have no doubt that he is just a spoiled american whose family just allowed him to take drugs and “dj” because it was probably the only way the douchebag could get women to bow down to him. Let me tell you, I will never ever go to RA or any of the other Benihana restaurants just because it will eventually probably go into this d-bags pocket. He is rude, acts like he will go down in history as something great when the only fans he has are teenagers. No one that really likes the art of music or dj’s or anyone even in the dj world likes him or his music. He is not respected in the industry. This guy was never taught manners, class, and you can definitely tell that he is from Florida. New York City would spit this guy out for lunch as he would never make it amongst an educated crowd.

  • Wolf

    What’s so special with these requirements?
    Such things are completely normal and standard for me when I just travel to another city…???

  • General-Zod

    what the fuck is with the 6 pairs of underwear per day? does he shit himself every 4 hours?

  • J P

    I used to work as a promoter and this is honestly not unreasonable. I’ve seen far, far more difficult requests from artists that aren’t nearly as big as Aoki. In fact, MOST artists hos size have 15-20 page lists. This is by far one of the most reasonable riders I have seen and I like him far more now after seeing this. As a former touring musician and promoter, having been on both sides, the whole reason to have these is that touring can get expensive. They pay you to be there but you can’t run to the fridge to grab even a bottle of water. Everything has to be bought on the fly abs it can quickly become more expensive to be on tour than what you make from it. It is not unrealistic to expect the promoter who is taking in all the profits from the door to cover expenses.