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For nearly two decades, the Chemical Brothers “mind-blowing” audiovisual live show has been played to packed houses and festivals across the globe. But it has never been documented on film or ever released on a CD.

The Live CD is special in electronic circles. For us, it started with Vitalic, then Daft Punk and finally with Justice – and it only seems fitting that the Chemical Brothers are the next act to try and bottle their live performance and, ultimately, do the live show justice.

In 2011, at the iconic Fuji Rock Festival in Japan, The Chemical Brothers played a headline set in front of 50,000 fans which was captured on 21 cameras. Immersing you in the thick of a frenetic crowd, ‘Don’t Think’ captures this synaesthetic barrage of sound, film and light and the transforming effect it has on its audience.

Last Friday night The Chemical Brothers: Don’t Think, directed by Adam Smith, was released to 600 cinemas in 30 countries across the globe.

Apparently, London saw scenes of crowd surfing as some cinema screens were shut down by overzealous security men due to the reaction of the fans. For those of you who missed out,  you’ll be able to sample some of this magic with the release of the Blu-Ray/CD & DVD/CD which is set for release 26th March 2012.

Limited Edition 10” Book format (DVD/CD) containing exclusive images set for release 9th April 2012

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.