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Shindu exploded onto to the dance scene last year with the fantastic debut single ‘Happy House’. Not only was the EP produced by man of the moment Moonlight Matters, it also came with some stellar remixes. Well, it’s time for the difficult second EP.

They’ve moved to a new label Kiez Beats, but their sound still remains the same – thankfully the quality of production hasn’t dipped since Seba jumped ship either. It’s still full of big happy synths, snappy drums and vocals that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Salt ‘N Pepper record. The only original is a heady cocktail to Japanese-esque pop and Rex The Dog 80’s synth pop.

Remixes come from a wealth of different talent – first up we have Cosmonaut’s who do what you’d expect. Slow it down to a disco plod, strip it out and rebuild it for a Belgium disco. Other notable remixes come from Kreap – who turns it into a French house number – it’s fun and adds a unique twist to the vocals. Pharoa Black Magic turns ‘All My Fridge’ into a meandering synth pop number by taking out all the aggressive drums and percussion to make a remix that is as enchanting as it is serene.

The dark horse awards goes to both Softwar and Stubbs. Softwar takes the original into the realm of a slow 90’s house vogue. Stubbs goes the other way and produces a deep, languid cut – full of swirling synths, big builds, and plenty of white noise.

‘All In My Fridge’ is good second EP from the Belgium trio – the vocals are unique, the production is tip top and the remixes are good enough to get into a wide-range of acts’ CD wallets.

HBF Rating 3/5

Out now.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.