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The Penelopes are one of a handful of male-led pop duos that we think don’t sound like they just crawled out of Simon Cowells arse.

The Parisian duo, now based in London, are planning to release the follow-up to their first album ‘The Arrogance Of Simplicity’, which was release on Vitalic’s label no less. So far we had the immense ‘Now Now Now’ which caught our ear with the C90’s remix. Well today, we’ve got their next single and its been remixed by Leeds disco don Edwin Van Cleef.

‘Sally In The Galaxy’ is a full-fat piece of fun-time pop with big, catchy chorus’ and incredibly charming production. Edwin Van Cleef decides to take the original in a slightly different direction by adding a 90’s euro dance glaze over the top of the French pop sensibilities – it’s more muddy field that chic disco. But we like it.

‘Sally In The Galaxy’ is available on iTunes from March 19 with remixes from Edwin Van Cleef, Manhattan Clique and The Flight (who produce the single).


Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.