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Mathieu Zub aka Musuem is a self-taught guitarist and instrumentalist who has been in various rock bands before discovering analog synths and dance floors – he was then picked up by Black Strobe in 2007 and became their guitar player.

Blackstrobe Records released his the debut EP today, the aptly named ‘Debut EP’ is the exploration of science fiction within electronic music. His debut EP is inspired by Blade Runner, Planet of the Apes, Shining and Alien soundtracks.

From the starting track ‘Mecanic Fantasy’ you’ll realised the Musuem is looking to push the boundaries of electronic music. It’s not overtly obtuse, but, he creates an intoxicating blend of tight drums, swirling futuristc synths and imagery that makes you think it’s a close encounter of a disco-kind.

‘Afraid’ is darker and more unforgiving, and sounds a lot like early Blackstrobe productions – which is a good thing. We’ve said it before there’s no making acid house like Arnaud Rebotini, well, that’s not true – Museum is.

As you delve deeper into the EP it gets even more uncompromising as Museum begins to flex his techno muscles. Thankfully, Museum goes back to his rising melancholic synths for ‘Hedgehopping Flight’ – where we think his talents are best served.

Overall the EP has more than enough of the dark and bleak existence of the future coupled with light, melancholic tones to make a great debut EP.

HBF Rating 3/5

Grab an unreleased track ‘November’ and pick up the EP with remixes from Rafale, Second Date and Reflex.

http://www.museum.blackstroberecords.com/ out the 23 of january 2012


Andrew Rafter

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