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As some of you may well know we were hacked over the festive period. Some internet troll managed to gain access to our server through an exploit in a plugin on another site on the same server.

We’ve managed to remove the offending files and sent a shot across the bow of the loser who did this. We thought we’d let you know what steps have been taken to safeguard the site and what will be happen in the future.

We will be moving to a new server next week with a fresh install of WordPress and hopefully this will be the end of the saga. We’ve check the system and there should be no threat to you or your computers. Apparently these hacks are commonplace and if Sony can defend themselves then we can’t either.

We don’t store ANY personal data/information for precisely this reason. Apparently these attacks do happen and mainly target popular sites – so we’re flattered, but still annoyed. There might a little bit more downtime next week, but we’ll let you know when this will happen.

Thanks for your support.

The HBF Team.

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.