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Artwork hand drawn by Little HeathenĀ http://www.facebook.com/littleheathenpinups

Hoaxx are a electro duo from London, and if you’ve been a long-term reader of HBF you might remember they were one of the first unknown acts we threw our support behind. Well, its been over 12 months since they’ve released an original piece music, sure, they’ve been busy remixing and touring, but this particular production hiatus ends today with ‘Love Track’ featuring Dee Scott.

Over the last 12 months, electro and disco has collided and ‘Love Track’ reflects this sea-change. It’s got all the power and energy that we’d associate with 2007 electro; big French electro synths, white noise and big kicks. But the Hoaxx boy’s have cleverly balanced it with a catchy pop vocal, lashings of disco violins and a funky piano riff.

Their generosity doesn’t stop there, they’ve assembled a stellar collection of remixes, which further adds to the song’s impact. There’s quite literally something for everyone, you’ve got deep, thudding house remix from Ryan Riot, who catches the vocal in a sweet loop and then layers and layers it with basslines, synths and percussion. There’s the obligatory nod to the dubstep lovers out there, and, actually, we don’t mind the Mr Wonk’s Green Mask effort, he goes a formulaic Feed Me-style aesthetic, opposed to the more dumb-step style of Skrilly.

For those of you who prefer their electronic music a little more highbrow and less obvious – there’s a great left-field, stripped back re-rub from Lab Creation – we’d call it percussive drums and bass if we were forced to pigeonhole, but in a French guise. Eby Le Beatz’s remix takes the vocal and runs with it to make a piece of theatrical electro – it’s full of folksy hooks a la MGMT, and after a couple of listens you’ll be totally convinced, the clever panning of some of the synth basslines are particularly brilliant. For us, it’s probably the dark horse of the bunch. To finish you’ve got another electro house remix, this time its from Dee Scott, who employs a less is more approach, thankfully it provides a decent counter to the noisey win that has come before it. Check out all the tracks below and grab the EP and artwork in full at the bottom.

Hoaxx – Love Track


Download here.

Hoaxx – Love Track (Ryan Riot Remix)


Download here.

Hoaxx – Love Track (Mr Wonk’s Green Mask Mix)


Download here.

Hoaxx – Love Track (Eby Le Beatz Remix)


Download here.

Hoaxx – Love Track (Lab Creation Remix)


Download here.

Hoaxx – Love Track (Dee Scott Remix)


Download here.

Download the entire EP and artwork in one file here.




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