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Little Loud is a synth producer from the south coast of England, he’s a bit of a mystical chap, we don’t know much about him apart from his name, Will Phillips, and the occasional remix of some high-brow indie bands. And today is a case in point, a remix for the Waylayers – who are, well again we’re not sure. But they sure do have good taste when it comes to who should remix their track ‘Hear No Lies’.

Little Loud’s remix hits all the right buttons for us – it’s full-on eccentric chill wave; with a twist. It’s starts slow, with lethargic synths and scratchy soundscape – eventually you hit the half way mark. Was it worth the wait ? Yes, as you’re transported into a full-on gleaming disco track; full of layers of charming synths, toe-tapping claps and clever work on the vocals too. It’s pure genius.

waylayers – hear no lies (little loud mix) by little loud 

The original and Little Loud remix of ‘Hear No Lies’ are available to buy from iTunes here: http://bit.ly/qXYox6

Andrew Rafter

Andrew Rafter is the editor and founder of Harder Blogger Faster.