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For his second album French electro producer Yuksek was inspired by the lonely days of touring around the world on his own, and this has translated into a new direction for the producer. ‘Living Life On The Edge Of Time’ is a long play that shows off a more mature side to Pierre-Alexandre Busson. Gone are the coarse electro synths, the pounding drums, but what has replaced them is in many ways is just as good. A collection of unabashed, jubilant pop tunes; introspective and uplifting at the same time.

The album oozes warm synths, cushion-soft percussion and proper vocals. ‘Living Life On The Edge Of Time’ is the total opposite ‘Away From The Sea,’ no longer do over-the-top synths take over the songs, but they compliment the tracks. The focus of ‘Living Life On The Edge Of Time’ are the stunning vocals. You’re not going to hear classic vocals like “My Bear You Can Eat Bear”. This it’s full of proper songs, proper structures and proper vocals.

In a similar way that ‘Away From Sea’ references everything that is amazing about pop music; the energy, the catchy pop hooks. His new long play does the same but for indie music. It’s a logical step for him to take, a massive risk – but he has nailed it.

Now normally we wouldn’t really like an album that strays too far from what we would expect from one of France’s most exciting electro producers. But this is Yuksek. He has to be respected.

From the opening salvos of ‘Always On The Run,’ ‘Say A Word’ and ‘Off The Wall’ you know that this is going to the complete opposite of ‘Away From The Sea’ – it’s full of organic sounds, disco claps and really electrifying vocals. It’s proper music, with a really likeable organic DNA running right throughout.

The quality of production from Yuksek is sublime, there’s nothing other word for it, this is especially apparent in tracks like ‘White Key’s’ and where subtle complimentary synths and choir vocals combine to make a stadium-rousing track that takes Yuksek out of the club and into the stadium.

The album marries the best of electronic and the traditional warmth of organic music to make an album that cements him in the upper echelons of electronica – don’t be surprised if top acts start knocking at his door asking him to produce their albums.

There are proper moments of empathy and melancholy through the album and this very apparent with ‘Off The Wall’. It’s done so well you can’t help but fall in love with it. This album has the capacity to be the soundtrack of a summer for us – it just connects you to the artist and the music in a way that is going to really work well for this year’s festivals and the world tour.

For many this new direction might won’t be everyone’s cup of tea especially if you’re looking for some electro bangers. You will not find any of those in here. It’s music, not drug music, it should be treated like a fine wine not cocaine – it will compliment your day, not try and take it over. We personally think it’s very cool and classy. Yuksek has taken a risk, but with his amount of talent there was only going to be one outcome – music that sound effortless cool and sophisticated – one for the purists of this world.

The album climaxes with ‘The Edge’ and ‘Fireworks’ which see a little bit of the old Yuksek to come play, it’s not banger territory but they raise the tempo and make for a superb climax to a stunning second album.

Yuksek’s latest album was never going to suffer that cliché of a ‘difficult second album’ he has too much skill and ability to run out of ideas on where he wants to take his sound. But when you add the best of the last album and his new tracks into a new show, with two new members to bring the new material to life, you’ve got something that can complete with the best in the world. The next 12 months of touring are going to be something truly special and probably a lot less lonely than the last.

If your in Europe you listen to the album on Spotify.

HBF Rating 10/10

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Andrew Rafter

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