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Mjolnir are a disco-funk trio from Indonesia, yes Indonesia, to be precise Jakarta, this is definetly the most exotic country that has been featured on HBF – the thought of people in Indonesia reading our silly little blog makes us feel all warm inside.

They cited Italo and disco as their influences – we can also spy that they like analog vintage synths, their ‘Just a boy remix’ sounds a lot like Rex The Dog – if someone had played it to us, we’d would have called it Rex, just something about the drums. It’s only a demo, but has a lot of promise indeed.

Just A Boy (Instrumental Demo preview) by soundofmjolnir

Next up, we have their Chemical Brother’s remix of ‘Swoon’ which is amazing and has already got the TMS seal of approval, and we have to agree – it an amazing disco remix which will be hearing a lot of over the coming months. If you hear this in many nu-disco sets over the summer do not be surprised – it is that good.

The Chemical Brothers – Swoon (Mjolnir Bootleg Remix) by soundofmjolnir

And as Indonesian’s are so nice, you can grab it for free !

The Chemicl Brothers – Swoon (Mjolnir Bootleg)


Download here.

Check out there Soundcloud page as there is plenty to listen to.

FB: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mjolnir/163704110316472
T: http://twitter.com/soundofMJOLNIR
SC: http://soundcloud.com/soundofmjolnir

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